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This aspect is very important for developers and 3D artists that do not want to make their Virtual Reality App created for Oculus Quest available to everyone but just some selected users, as well for consumer users that want to try something not available on the official store.

How to download apps for Mac. Open the App Store app. Browse or search for the app that you want to download. Click the price or Get button. If you see the 'Open' button instead of a price or Get button, you already bought or downloaded that app. In the App Store, if an app has a Get button instead of a price, the app is free. The workaround makes it possible to download and use apps downloaded from anywhere on macOS Catalina and earlier versions without a check. First published in 2016 by OSX Daily, but still valid, the 'fix' works like this: Be sure to exit System Preferences on your Mac. On Finder, click Go. Select Utilities. Double-click Terminal. Download Cydia Impactor iOS11/12 for Windows, Mac, Linux. From the following download buttons, you can download Cydia Impactor latest version. Links will be updated gradually to the newest version. You can also check tools like cydia impactor if you’re not comfortable with Impactor. How To Open & Allow Unidentified Developer Apps & Allow Downloads From Anywhere On Apple Mac. A Step By Step Tutorial.sudo spctl -master-disableTry a new br. If you're able to download without the error, restart your Mac normally and test again. If the behavior continues in safe mode, I'd recommend that you sign out of iTunes on your Mac, restart, then sign back in and test to see if you can download the affected purchases: On your Mac or PC.

Since many procedures found online are generally complex to follow and tend to discourage users, we will see below one of the easiest methods to do all this!

As hardware, you will need a MAC or a Windows PC with a USB-C port – because currently is not possible to install the custom app directly on the headset – and of course your Oculus Quest 2.

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode

  • Turn on your VR device
  • Open the Oculus app on your phone
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click your paired Oculus Quest or Oculus GO headset at the top
  • Click More Settings > Developer Mode and then toggle Developer Mode ON
Unknown Download Mac

Step 2: Download free sideloading tool on your PC/MAC



Link to download ->


Link to download ->

Step 3: Launch VRsideloader and install the app

  • Double click on VRsideloader.exe
  • Once you made it, VRsideloader will install automatically the Android Platform that is necessary to runs sideload App on your VR device
  • Connect your device to your PC by the usb-C cable and enable the developer mode from your Quest if required
  • Drag and drop your .apk file inside the VRsideloader window

You have finished the installation!

Step 4: How to launch your unknown App

  • Put on your Oculus Quest 2
  • Click on the library icon
  • Select unknown sources
  • Click on your app

Unknown Download Mac Full

Enjoy it!

Unknown download mac free

Do you want to try by yourself a custom Oculus Quest app to test all this process and see the potential of photorealism on a Virtual Reality mobile hardware? Go to our download page and search the Oculus Quest app!


Now let’s see how to uninstall your app you have already sideloaded/installed!

Unknown Horizons Mac Download

You will need to:

Unknown Download Mac

  • Launch VR sideloader.exe
  • Click on uninstall
  • Select any App you want to uninstall
  • Click uninstall

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Download Mac Free

Easy, isn’t?!