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IMPORTANT: Your office computer must be turned on or you can’t connect remotely.

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Uf Microsoft Office For Mac

Uf Office For Mac
  1. Once the Remote Desktop Connection has been activated on your office computer, restart your system for the changes to take effect. If the connection as not been activated, please submit a Help Request to turn on this option for your office computer.
  2. When off-campus, a VPN connection is required to access to your office computer via Remote Desktop
    To download the Cisco VPN Client to your home computer, please click on the link below. You will need to log on with your GatorLink username and password:
    We recommend you append /campus to your VPN logon Username (i.e., [email protected]/campus).
    Once you login and connect, the VPN Client is virtually placing your home computer on the campus network. This is needed to allow you to connect to your work computer.
  3. Use your PC Computer Name/IP Address as provided to you by a TSS employee.
  4. There are two ways to remotely access your office computer:
    • Use the preconfigured Remote Desktop shortcut attached to the email you received when your RDP was set up (ex: TSS-FA-352.rdp), or
    • Manually enter the connection settings
      Assuming the computer you are using is running Windows 10:
      • Click on the Start button >> Scroll down the Programs list to Windows Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection.
      • Enter the provided computer IP as the Computer (that is your office computer’s full computer name).
      • Click on 'Show Options' in the lower left hand corner and enter your username as [email protected] or ufadusername.
      • Click on Save and then click on the Connect button.

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As part of UF's campus-wide licensing agreement, the Microsoft Office 365 program allows multiple full downloads of Microsoft Office to personal computers and mobile devices at no charge. Go to Service Submit Ticket. Make sure your Mac is updated to MacOS 10.10 or higher and close any Microsoft Office programs that are open. Click here to download EndNote X9 for Mac. If prompted during download, either select Save File or make sure that the Open with. Option is set to Archive Utility.

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When you are done working remotely you can click your Start button and either Logoff or Disconnect. Disconnecting will leave your office computer in the state when you disconnected (open programs and files will be left active, essentially like walking away from your computer and letting it lock, not logged off).