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Tig Welding Technics Manuals


Tig Welding Guide Pdf


This weld report deals with the robot TIG welding issues on one of the big three car applications. The parts required approx. 15 precise small tack welds. The tacked parts were later brazed. RSI was the Detroit integrator. The welds were made with a Fanuc Arc Mate 100 robot, and a Lincoln 350 amp 'pulsed square wave power source'.
The welding issues at this tier one part supplier were extensive. For more than a year they had struggled to attain 40% of the required robot weld production efficiency. The robot tack welds were frequently missing, arc starts issues were extensive, and the tack welds were found to be part of the leaks. After I rectified the problem, I wrote the following weld report.
The issues were reported under the following topics.

[1] The Fundamental Requirements for a Robot 'TIG' Weld.
[2] The Robot and it's program issues.
[3] The Lincoln Power Source issues.
[4] Controlling Weld Quality / Weld Productivity.
[5] The Fixture and Positioning Table.
[6] Robot Personnel Requirements.

Tig Welding Tutorial Pdf

Pulse TIG Settings for Carbon Steel Square Tubing. Brad Goodman - Filler Wire Techniques for Aluminum. TIG Welding a Carbon Steel 3F Lap Joint. Brad Goodman - A Look at Foot Pedals and Techniques. Brad Goodman - TIG Welding.125 Open Corner with a 5 Standard Cup. Manual metal arc welding, the tungsten in TIG and plasma welding and the consumable wire in MIG/MAG welding. The arc is formed between the parent metal and one end of the electrode. Filler metal Metal added to the weld pool during welding. For TIG it is supplied as cut lengths of wire. Interpass temperatureThe temperature of the material.