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Ultra-emo act Thursday’s second album was considered a high point in the genre. Does it still make John feel all fuzzy inside?

I might not have started thinking about music from a critical perspective if it wasn’t for 2001’s Full Collapse, Thursday’s breakthrough second full-length album. Before Full Collapse, I didn’t hesitate in the slightest when making a distinction between good and bad music—if an album was good, it was great, and if it was bad, it was one of the worst albums ever made. Full Collapse changed that perspective, though. Here was an album that had flaws that I had to recognize—the songwriting could have been fleshed out more, the production didn’t suit the sound Thursday was going for, and the album should have ended with “Standing on the Edge of Summer”—but it still spoke to my teenage self, and I listened to it at least once every week throughout high school. Then again, I listened to the follow-up album, 2003’s War All the Time, at least twice a week for the remainder of my high school tenure, but now I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thursday was one of those pesky emo bands that were smart enough to get their fans to call them “post-hardcore”—this, despite Thursday being the epitome of emo. Their songs frequently took on the most depressing subject matters and mined them for all they were worth, and they did so on the strength of lead singer/screamer Geoff Rickly, who looks like the offspring of Thom Yorke and Courtney Love (ahem). Consider the titles and subject matters of a few songs on Full Collapse: “Understanding In a Car Crash”, about a youth trying to get his life back together after a devastating accident; “Autobiography of a Nation”, about the wrongs done to build the United States as it currently stands and how those wrongs have been whitewashed; “A Hole In the World”, about an emotionally draining breakup; “Cross Out the Eyes”, about the aftermath of vaguely-defined violence; and “Standing On the Edge of Summer”, an autobiographical song about the last time Rickly saw his grandmother and being aware that this would be the last time he would see her alive. Fun, fun, FUN! Emo isn’t entirely defined by sad saps, but whereas a band like Jimmy Eat World aim to make you move your feet and Cursive will rip off a Mountain Goats album two years before that Mountain Goats album came out, Thursday (at least around the time of Full Collapse) wanted you to cry your fucking eyes out.

But hey, we can all use a good outburst of emotion from time to time, and as I haven’t listened to this album in years, I am approaching it with a whole new set of ears. Please, guys, show us the way! can’t be loaded: Thursday – Understanding In a Car Crash (

…Where do I start? Oh, right, the writing. Well, I can’t fault them for delivering what was promised—that sure was a song about a young man trying to find understanding in a car crash. There’s no impact, though. We get a whole lot of passive imagery, and that would have been fine if the song wasn’t built on it, but it seems like Thursday wanted to make a song about a car crash but didn’t want it to be messy. Fuck me for expecting a song about a car crash to feature some fucked-up shit, right? If anything, the writing resembles…oh, no, I’m gonna say it…Twilight. Ream me for this one if you like, but Twilight is a vampire story written by someone who didn’t want to get her hands dirty and “Understanding In a Car Crash” is a song about a car crash that doesn’t get more descriptive than mentioning broken glass and incoming headlights. Also, the band doesn’t do much. The song sounds as though it was built around Rickly’s writing and singing, and they stay out of the way. They play their instruments, but there’s no substance to what they play.

Oh, well. Maybe this was a bad example of what Full Collapse brings to the table. Let’s check out their other big single… can’t be loaded: Thursday – Cross Out the Eyes (

Well, that was both an improvement and substantially worse than the other song, though this is more indicative of the kind of songs featured on the rest of Full Collapse. On this and so many other songs, Thursday experiment with different ways to compose a song. Many of these tracks lack choruses, proper outros, proper intros, and in the case of “Autobiography of a Nation”, subverted subtext (the lyric sheet ends with the line “But I am still here and we are all guilty”, which doesn’t show up in the song at all). This was, and still is, kind of revolutionary for emo given that it is a relatively rigid genre, and I have to admit that I wish more emo acts would attempt this kind of experimenting. This would be a lot easier to admire, though, if any of Thursday’s experiments paid off, but none of them do. Instead, each track finds whole new ways to aggravate the senses, and coupled with the 7th-grade level poetry, few of these songs get off the ground and the ones that do eventually collapse under the weight of the crap writing. It really isn’t helped by the overly-immaculate production, which vacuums away any sort of grit that the material could have had. Yes, clean production isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when a band wants to connect with their audience on an emotional level and the producer wipes away anything resembling humanity, you’ve got problems.

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I can see why I liked this album back in the day. I had less of a reference for quality writing, and I thought that the relatively-experimental nature of the songs gave it an edge over other emo albums. This was risky stuff, and I admired Thursday’s gumption. Even now, I’ll grant that Thursday were aiming higher than most of their peers and that they were dealing with heady concepts. There is a tangible appreciation of art within Full Collapse—you can tell that these guys wanted to make a big album and that they had some idea of how to do it. Approach this album with a proper perspective, though, and and you’ll find that none of this pays off in any meaningful way. They botch their experiments, the writing is surprisingly ineffectual, the band sounds like they are playing behind themselves, and the album feels ten minutes too long. The later live EP, Five Stories Falling, features better versions of the most noteworthy songs on Full Collapse, and Thursday would go on to make a whole bunch of albums that I hold in much higher regard, but Full Collapse is not the masterpiece that so many people have insisted it is. It is undercooked, pretentious, obsolete, and borders on being unlistenable.


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I would really like to see this game finished, including the spelling and grammar errors.
The music should be different, most of it is just annoying, especially the track that plays while you're at school.
It doesn't make sense to me that Chloe can be a 'slut' when she has only slept with 6 dudes, a slut by definition sleeps with anyone and is in the double digits. Chloe is also unbelievably gullible and dense, but it's just a game.

Thursday Full Collapse Download Torrent

Thursday Full Collapse Rar

I cannot tell if I have done everything available in this build. This is my laundry list of progress:

Thursday Full Collapse Download Torrent Download

- The jocks have invited Chloe to the party, but there is no party.
- Did the dirty at the changing room on the beach, then it seems to partially repeat.
- Can't progress with cheerleaders further than competition with third girl, it just repeats with no scene.
- Chloe won't befriend Beth.
- Can keep stealing money from boys locker. Cannot find third underwear, black jock doesn't wear any.
- Talking with Carrie has gotten to suggesting talking about hot stuff at Carrie's home later, but that never actually happens.
- Talking with pizza girl at 'not-Walmart' never progresses.
- After first detention there no further occurrences no matter how many times Chloe sleeps in class.
- Can't do anything with Chloe's phone.
- Chatting with Suzie has provided the option to go to work without underwear.
- Otaku will now buy Chloe's underwear.
- Nothing changes with the Biker.
- Climbed the rocks on the beach, nothing new after first successful attempt.
- Did the dirty on the bus.

- Prude/Slut gauge is full 'slut,' and all three abilities are maxed, dance level is over 100, and it's day 81.

Am I missing anything to progress further? Or is this all that is available?