Richard Simmons Diet Program

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Kudos to Richard Simmons for motivating so many people to exercise, but I personally find his voice and constant high pitched yelling get on my nerves. His style appeals to people who have certain health issues or prefer a gentler, slower workout. Different strokes for different folks. Not all of us are going to enjoy the same workouts. Many fitness enthusiasts know of Richard Simmons as the man who helped them with their road to a healthier life. With exercise videos, nutritious diets,.

Richard Simmons is a renowned exercise guru who has gotten people moving for many years. He has also been well known for his past diet plan as well. His newest effort, The Richard Simmons Hope Project, which can be accessed through takes advantage of his high energy to encourage people to permanently lose weight through exercise and diet education. It may possibly be the one plan that will change a person’s life forever.


  • Encourages Quick And Permanent Weight Loss
  • Combines Exercise And Healthy Nutrition
  • The “Foodmover” Program Simplifies Nutrition Tracking
  • Gives Richard Simmons’ Bonus Guide To Success And Online Backup
  • Total Customer Satisfaction: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • A Person May Start To Wear Flashy Exercise Clothing Like Richard
  • It May Get Expensive To Buy A New Skinny Wardrobe

What is The Richard Simmons Hope Project?

This is a healthy program that targets exercise and diet. I have often struggled with my weight. I tried fad diets that helped me drop weight, but I ended up gaining it all back. This plan is different. It is meant to change the way that a person lives. Bad habits are broken and Richard is there to help along the way.

Everything in the program is simple to understand. The three DVDs include both nutrition and workout guides. I am not in the best shape, but the plan starts slow. I began with simple cardio and reached higher level toning exercises by the end. The diet plan felt less like a diet and more like a tool that educated me about portion control. I slowly recognized that this plan was less about weight loss and more like an overhaul of my health. It is a long term commitment.

The Richard Simmons Hope Project kit provides everything that a person needs to succeed. The DVDs teach exercises that build muscle while burning calories. The other part of the system targets diet and nutrition. It provides a “Foodmover” device that helps a person log all of the fruits and vegetables that are eaten throughout the day. The unit is small and I keep it in my purse. This keeps it near at all times. I have tried Richard Simmons’ previous “card” plan, but things always got confused. With the touch of a button on the new device, everything is tallied. This is a fabulous help along the way.

There is a nutrition guide that helped me plan three months of meals. The eating guide also helped me eat out at restaurants. This was a big bonus for me because I often find myself feeling insecure when eating away from home. The icing on the cake in the Richard Simmons Hope Project is the “Success Guide.” This is a food plan for the week, a workout calendar, one month trial of the online club, and a week supply of vitamins.

How Well Does It Work?

Like many people, I have tried many diets that have failed. I am sick of starving myself in order to lose weight. This plan is completely different because it is filled with balance. No foods are off limits, so there is never a feeling of deprivation. Richard Simmons Hope Project changes a person’s view of diet and exercise. This makes for successful weight loss that can be easily maintained.

The exercises are efficient, but simple enough for anyone. In a few weeks, a person will begin to notice positive results. The included calender makes it easy to track progress as well.

The best part of the system is the Foodmover. It shows a person exactly what is consumed. The reason why most people gain weight is because too much hidden bad foods are eaten without knowledge. This is a great help to keep things balanced. By far, this is one of the biggest reasons why this plan is so successful.

Richard Simmons Food Mover Diet

Potential Drawbacks

Richard Simmons Diet Program

Anyone who is looking for an easy way out will not find it in Richard Simmons Hope Project. This system requires commitment and perseverance. It also requires that a person make small lifestyle changes to lose weight and heighten health. It is not meant to build large muscles or lose a great deal of weight in a short period of time. However, anyone who is willing to invest time and energy will not be disappointed. It teaches ways to improve health and keep weight off for good.

Is It Right For You?

Richard Simmons Weight Loss Plan

If a person is out to get healthy and lose weight, the Richard Simmons Hope Project plan can help. It is ideal for people like me who are willing to stick with the exercise and learn how to better the diet. This plan is very educational and will teach a great deal about nutrition and fitness. Since it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, it is definitely worth a try.