Photoshop Not Opening Mac

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Photoshop Not Opening Mac

I am running the latest LR Classic CC and update my Mac to the latest version of Mojave. LR now will not open. I see the black dot underneath the icon for about 2 seconds and nothing. I have reinstalled LR, turned the machine off and on, signed out of CC, removed Library files.all of the stuff I have seen people do in the past, but to no avail.

Just started with new (used) Mac Mini. I checked the VIEW options in Finder and found that 'show extensions' wast not selected, so I selected and now extensions show. Drag and drop files now open, slowly, because they are coming down from iCloud. It seems that once the file comes down from iCloud, the OPEN button will work on that. To open a file in Illustrator, simply launch the program and use the ribbon bar at the top to select File Open. Then, navigate to the location of the Photoshop file, select it and click Open. Once the file is opened in Illustrator, access the File menu and click on Edit in Photoshop (Edit Image). If there are open documents, dropping file onto an empty spot in the tab margin should trigger the import. If there are open documents, dropping file onto an open document should trigger the import. If Photoshop is closed, dropping file onto the Photoshop icon should launch the app, and then trigger the import. Photoshop not opening on 2 Mac devices. I was using Photoshop fine up until 2 days ago. I went to open it yesterday and it’s just not opening, I have logged in to my CC but once I log in it keeps opening the CC window and keeps refreshing and closing and refreshing and closing. I spoke to Adobe support yesterday.

When running Photoshop from a non-Administrator account, Photoshop requires read access to some system-level folders and read/write access to some user-level folders.


Note: A user account with full administrative rights is required for installation.
Read/write access is required to the root folder of any non-boot drive that is specified in Photoshop's Preferences as a scratch disk.


Read/write access is required to any folders into which you've saved files.
Read/write access is required to these user-level folders:

  • Mac OS: The User's Library folder. To access this folder, see Can't see user library files in Mac OS 10.7 and later.
  • Windows: The User's AppData folder. This folder is located under the Users[Username] folder.

Photoshop Not Opening Mac Files

Read access is required to these system-level folders:

  • Mac OS: The System Library folder and the Application folders.
Photoshop Not Opening MacPhotoshop

Note: The System Library folder is different from the Users' Library folder.

1. Choose Go > Computer

Photoshop Not Opening Mac Without

2. Select Macintosh HD > System > Library.

Photoshop Not Opening On Mac

  • Windows: The Program Files folder (for 64-bit program installations), or the Program Files (x86) folder (for 32-bit program installations).