Parallels For Mac White Screen

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Parallels For Mac White Screen
I was thinking of switching over to macs. I've been a windows user so far and currently have vista. I'm reasonable happy with it, just bored and the mac machines are nicer.
However, I heavily use windows remote desktop to access my work computer from anywhere I am. Its' actually an amazing program. It's very fast, almost like sitting in front of the work machine even if I'm connecting over dsl from home. It also scales the screen and resolution. My 30 inch monitor at work is displayed on my 12.1 inch notebook as if the work operating system was running on my notebook. The size of stuff is not reduced, and I don't have to scroll around like in VNC.
I haven't been able to find anything in leopard that comes even close to this. I am looking for a good remote desktop application that would let me access a big mac at work with a macbook at home. Am I missing something? They have the screenshare thing, but that is basically VNC and sends the entire screen pixel by pixel, which is very slow. A decent remote desktop seems something so basic to have in a modern operating system that I think I must be missing something in leopard. Does anybody know?

This document details how to fix the common issue where a Parallels Virtual Machine is stuck on a black screen.

You can set Parallels virtual machine to occupy the entire Mac screen, one of your external screens or all connected external displays. Single Monitor Enter Full Screen To enter Full Screen view mode, do one of the following: From Coherence mode, right click the guest operating system (e.g. Windows) icon in Dock, then select View - Exit Coherence. This update addresses the white screen displayed when clicking on Drawer in Bugs game. Click here to download the Macintosh update. Parallels v3.0 (5608) Update (Macintosh OS X): Download Now! This update is necessary for proper operation of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for the Mac under Apple's new operating system - Leopard.

Parallels For Mac White Screen Windows 10

When a Parallels Virtual Machine is left unattended for a long period of time, it is common for it to get stuck on a black screen, where closing the application, restarting, and reopening will not fix the issue. When Parallels opens back up it only gives the option to resume the machine that is 'Suspended' but not actually shut down. To fix this issue, do the following:

Exit Full Screen Parallels Mac

  1. Select 'Action' from the Virtual Machine's Toolbar
    If the toolbar isn't visible, you need to exit full screen, or move the mouse cursor up towards the top of the screen until it shows up.

  2. Select 'Stop' from the Actions menu

  3. Confirm you want to Shut Down and Stop the Virtual Machine

At this point you should be able to start up the Virtual Machine again like normal. It is common however for the Virtual Machine to then have an issue shutting down, where it continuously restarts. If you run into this issue, follow the instructions HERE.

Parallels For Mac White Screen Software

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