Microsoft Lync For Mac Keeps Changing Status

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  2. Nov 10, 2016 SfB Mac not updating busy status for calendar events. We are using O365 and for SfB on Mac, all of our Mac users are not able to have their status change when they have a meeting on their calandar and they are shown as Busy. This works for Windows SfB Users, and for Lync 2011 on Mac. But does not work at all for SfB Mac.

Insofar, there is no option to change this behaviour. If this will be changed in the future, only Microsoft knows (or even not). This behaviour is different from the classic Skype for Windows Desktop, where the change to Away status was controlled by any input activity on the computer and the settings defined in Tools -Options - General settings.

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By default the text font in Lync is set to Segoe UI with black color. If you do not like it, you can always change it to another font and color.

Microsoft’s Lync is quickly becoming a powerful communications platform for the enterprise environment. Integrated into the latest version of Office and available on most mobile devices, Lync is quickly becoming the instant messaging choice for many business networks.

Like most Microsoft products, users quickly want to know how to alter the default settings. For example, using a different font and color while in group chat can really help the others members spot your message quickly and easily. Customizing your instant messages this way can be accomplished through the following steps.

1. Launch Lync 2013 and log in to your account.

2a. If you have the menu bar displayed at the top, go to Tools -> Options.

2b. Alternatively, you can simply click the small Gear icon right above the search box to access the Options window.

3. When the Options window appears, make sure you are in the General section. This section can be found on the left of the page.

4. On the right side of the window, click the Change Font button at the top.

5. The windows that appears will allow you the set color, change the font and adjust the size. You can even apply these settings to the incoming messages.

6. When you are done, click OK to save the changes and close the Options window.

Please note: These steps are applied to Lync 2013 only. The steps may vary in older or newer versions.

Microsoft Lync For Mac Keeps Changing status

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Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business no longer exist as separate products. For video conferencing tools supported by UMass Boston, please see Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Archived instructions:

As part of our Office 365 service with Microsoft, UMass Boston is offering Microsoft Lync, a communications tool that includes audio and video calls, group calls, screen sharing, and remote presentations.

Setting up Microsoft Lync

To download Lync (2010 or 2013 for Windows, 2011 for Mac), sign in to your web mail ( In the web mail interface, click the Settings menu (Gear icon) at the top right and choose “Office 365 Settings,” (see image, right) and then click 'Software'. Download the latest version of Lync for your computer.

There is a brief video describing Lync and how to download it on LinkedIn Learning (log in with your UMass Boston email address and password.)

Once you have installed Lync, start it up and go to Tools > Options from the gear menu at the top (see below.)

Your sign in address is your email address. After that field, click Advanced. Enter the following as both the Internal Server and the External Server:

Microsoft Lync For Mac Keeps Changing Status

Click OK twice and try to sign in. If you are told you need to install additional software, click the “Download and Install” link and run the program, which is called msoidcli.msi (see below). It is apparently safe to install this software (Microsoft Online Services Sign In Assistant). Even though it comes from a non-MS website, it is in fact Microsoft software. ( is one of Microsoft Online Services trusted sites, according to Microsoft.)

Once you are logged in, you can change your online status (the default is “Available”) and type in your location. They suggest “Work,” but I typed in “IT Service Desk, Healey 3rd Floor.” It is simply a text field. Make sure Lync is set to “Show Others My Location,” which seems to only show or hide what you type in as your location, not determine your actual location. Your location and other information only show up on your contact card, not in the search results.

Using Microsoft Lync

To use Lync, type in someone’s name where it says “Find a Contact” and each search result will include that person’s availability and options to email, chat, or call that person.

By default, your call will be audio only. To video conference, choose “Add Video” from the Video menu.

There are a variety of sharing/whiteboard options available under the Share menu.

Updating your photo

In webmail, click the Gear menu at the top right and choose Options. At the bottom of the Options screen, click 'Edit information.' In the Account Information popup window, click the Change button to change or add a photo for your account. Click Browse and select the photo you want to use.

Mobile devices

The instructions for downloading Lync for your mobile device will vary depending on your device and version. You'll need to find and download Lync from your device's preferred app location. The iPhone and iPad versions are available at the App store, for instance. You may find more info at the Webmail location, as well.

Microsoft Lync Status Tracking

You'll still use your UMass Boston address as your user ID but the server name for the handful of mobile devices we've tested was this:

Please note that the URL above is case sensitive (capitalization matters!) and this may cause problems on your device.

Lync privacy

Here is where you control whether Lync saves your chats. (Note that the law may require us to save and archive these.)

In Lync, go to Tools > Options > Personal. Under “Personal information manager,” either change “Microsoft Exchange” to “None” or deselect the appropriate check boxes. (See below.)

For more information

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