Meta Music Tag Editor For Mac

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Meta Music Tag Editor For Mac

Download Tag Editor: few tags, clean the whole column with a tag (such as 'Artist'), get rid of a track metadata by sele. TigoTago - tag editor. TigoTago ® is a spreadsheet-based tag editor for media files. This enables you to easily set and modify tags and to rename a huge number of files. Convenient multi-selection allows for flexible mass taging and mass renaming operations. You have full control - all changes are visible before you save them to disk. Jun 13, 2021 AudioShell 2 is a freeware Windows Explorer shell extension which allows you to view and edit ID3 meta-data tags directly in Windows Explorer. AudioShell adds ID3 tag editor and files rename tools into Windows system music files pop-up menu.

Meta helps you manage your ever-growing digital music collection. Use it to easily edit information such as a song's artist, title, album, album cover, etc. It supports editing of most audio formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, FLAC, Ogg, OGA, SPX, WAV, AIFF, and a variety of metadata formats including ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, Vorbis comments, and APE tags.

  • A polished, intuitive user interface that adopts OS X's standards
  • Write metadata to multiple files at once (Batch Tag Editing)
  • Remove all metadata from files (Strip Tags)
  • Change typecase (capitalise, upper/lowercase, titlecase), strip underscores
  • Rename files based on their metadata or instead, convert filenames to metadata
  • Find and Replace characters, words, or strings in metadata, with support for regular expressions (patterns)
  • Add selected tracks to iTunes, or refresh their metadata using a simple keyboard shortcut
  • Automatically generate track numbers
  • Benefit from built in file management operations (Move, Delete, Reveal in Finder)
  • Interface is compatible with Retina displays
Meta Music Tag Editor For Mac

Album covers can easily be set or exported via drag-and-drop, and it is possible to configure Meta so that it scales, crops, and compresses images each time a new image is set, so as to keep your audio files' size to a minimum.

Meta Music Tag Editor For Mac Downloads

A powerful and versatile music tagger that is designed to add or modify ID3 tags to music collections and remove duplicates in music libraries.

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Troubled by missing and mislabeled music info about songs in your music library? Tidytag helps you with every aspect of managing the music collection. Whether you are a musician, DJ, or a music enthusiast.

Tidytag Support All Popular Formats:

  • Audio formats MP3, AIFF, AIF, M4A, M4R, FLAC, OGG, WAV, APE, ASF and WMA

  • Metadata formats ID3V1.3, ID3V2.3, ID3V2.4, Ogg Vorbis Comment, APE, ASF, RIFF Tag

Powerful Music Metadata Editor

When you import the audio file, TidyTag will automatically display the corresponding metadata tag. You can easily

  • Edit metadata tags like song title, album, artist, release year, genre, track number, cover, lyrics, and more that are originally wrong or missing.

  • Batch process all missing or incorrect tags at one time.

  • Edit tags with various options, including Undo, Save, Apply, Clear and much more.

Organize Your Music Collection

To have full control of your music library and audio files, you need to have accurately formatted names and a neat folder hierarchy. TidyTag allows you to

  • Rename the audio files according to the tag information.

  • Manage files by moving them to seperate folders according to their Album, Artist, Album Artist and Genre.

Remove Duplicates in Music Library

Getting tired of duplicated audio files which occupy much hard drive space, but it's time-saving for us to remove duplicates mannually. Tidytag helps to

  • Automatically filter out duplicate songs with the same path when adding new songs to your library, keeping only one.

  • Scan the duplicates using different audio file attributes like title, artist, file size or release date to decide which file should be kept.

More Features

Music Player
Built in music player with advance playback options
Playlist Management
More Playlists creation options for keeping your music collection always arranged.
Compatible with iTunes
Add or Drag iTune music into TidyTag to enjoy richer music collection
Easy to Use

Meta Music Tag Editor For Mac Os

Meta Music Tag Editor For Mac
Edit audio tag with a huge music database in one click.

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'TidyTag Music Tag Editor comes in handy if you want to add and alter ID3 tags in audio collections and get rid of duplicate files in music libraries. The bragging point is rich format support both audio and metadata. You can immediately learn a proper metadata tag during audio importing.'