Maschine Mk2 Traktor Pro 3 Mapping

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  • Native Instruments has announced that Traktor Pro 3.3.0 is now available, the headline feature being comprehensive iTunes/Music integration. Virtual instruments free download. Other improvements include integration with Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-1000Mk2 and XDJ-700 media player plus the new DJM-V10 mixer, and Midi mapping for the Traktor Kontrol S3.
  • A full Native Instruments Maschine MK3 midi mapping for Traktor Pro 3.I've started a new playlist dedicated to midi mappings from you amazing people.
  • When the left display shows TEMPLATE:.template number. TRAKTOR PRO, you are ready to setup the MASCHINE controller in TRAKTOR. Setting up MASCHINE as Controller in TRAKTOR. Make sure that the MASCHINE controller is connected to the system, then launch TRAKTOR. Select Start Setup Wizard from the Help menu to launch the Setup Wizard.

Maschine Mk2 Traktor Pro 3 Mapping

Hi Guys,
First off, I hope you all are staying safe (and sane!) during these crazy times - We'll all make it through together and be back spinning in no time!
My question is about using the Maschine Mikro MK2 midi mappings to supplement my (Traktor Pro 3) Kontrol S2 MK2 setup. I love the idea of the Maschine ONE mapping (Find it here) to shortcut functions like a high/low EQ kill button, more cues, concentrated effect banks, etc. I've also used the CTC mapping with so/so results on it's own. I tried out Christian's interpretation of Rafik's full Maschine mapping, and it's pretty good, but not customizable and is mostly comprised of features I'm not interested in.
The main issue I'm running into is when I try to use the Mikro Mk2 side-by-side with my S2. I'm not sure if MIDI values are clashing, but seems like they're not staying in their own lane. I have the In & Out ports pointed their respective devices within Traktor as well, but either the S2 stops responding or the Mikro shows the mapping, but does not respond to commands. In either case, Traktor shows that it's receiving MIDI input, but does not register any command.
I know since the ONE mapping isn't originating from DJ tech tools and since it's older hardware, that I may be out of luck with help in terms of that - So alternatively, I wondered if anyone had any advice for running Maschine Mikro MK2 as a supplement to the Kontrol MK2? Has anyone had success with setups outside of the ones offered here?
Thanks for taking the time to read my message and I hope to hear your experiences!
Maschine Mk2 Traktor Pro 3 MappingTraktor pro 3 manual

Sep 25, 2018 This gives you a whole new layer of assignable buttons, knobs and faders that you can program to control virtually anything inside TRAKTOR – called a mapping. To start, make sure your MASCHINE is in MIDI Mode. Here’s how: Shift + Channel (MASCHINE MK3 & MASCHINE STUDIO) Shift + Control (MASCHINE MK2 & MASCHINE MK1).


Before you send your custom mapping inquire please refer to the list of all supported controllers.

If you don’t see your controllers listed down below and you still want to receive the mapping services than please provide the list of midi messages of your controller.

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  • Akai AMX

  • Akai Fire

  • Akai MIDI Mix

  • Akai MPC MIDI

  • Allen & Heath Xone:96

  • Allen & Heath Xone:K1, K2

  • Behringer BCD3000

  • Behringer CMD DC-1

  • Behringer CMD LC-1

  • Behringer CMD MM-1

  • Behringer CMD PL-1

  • Behringer CMD Studio 2A

  • Behringer CMD Studio 4A

  • Behringer FCB1000 (midi foot controller)

  • Bome Translator Pro

  • Computer Keyboard

  • Denon MC-6000, MK2

  • Denon MC-7000

  • Denon SC-2000

  • DJTT Midifighter 3D (see at DJ Techtools online Store)

  • DJTT Midifighter 64 (see at DJ Techtools online Store)

  • DJTT Midifighter Spectra

  • DJTT Midifighter Twister (see at DJ Techtools online Store)

  • Electrix Tweaker

  • Korg nanoPAD2

  • Livid Instruments ALIAS 8

  • Livid Instruments BASE, II

  • Livid Instruments BLOCK

  • Livid Instruments CNTRL:R

  • Livid Instruments CODE

  • Livid Instruments DS-1

  • Livid Instruments MINIM

  • Livid Instruments OHM

  • Novation Launchpad

  • Novation Launch Control

  • Novation Launch Control XL, MK2

  • NI Kontrol D2

  • NI Kontrol F1

  • NI Kontrol S2, MK2, MK3

  • NI Kontrol S3

  • NI Kontrol S4, MK2, MK3

  • NI Kontrol S5 (MIDI Mode only)

  • NI Kontrol S8

  • NI Kontrol X1, MK2

  • NI Kontrol Z1

  • NI Kontrol Z2

  • NI Komplete Kontrol M32

  • NI Maschine JAM

  • NI Maschine Mikro, MK2, MK3

  • NI Maschine, MK2, MK3

  • NI Maschine Studio

  • Numark Mixtrack Pro 2

  • Numark Omni Control

  • Numark Party Mix

  • Numark Scratch

  • Pioneer DJM-S9

  • Pioneer DDJ-200

  • Pioneer DDJ-400

  • Pioneer DDJ-800

  • Pioneer DDJ-1000, SRT

  • Pioneer DDJ-RB

  • Pioneer DDJ-RR

  • Pioneer DDJ-RX

  • Pioneer DDJ-RZ

  • Pioneer DDJ-SB, SB2, SB3

  • Pioneer DDJ-SP1

  • Pioneer DDJ-SR, SR2

  • Pioneer DDJ-SX, SX2

  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ, SZ2

  • Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4

  • Pioneer DDJ-XP1, XP2

  • Vestax VCI-400 EGE