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  1. How to delete duplicate photos on Mac Photos manually. You can choose to delete duplicate photos in OS X Photos app by hand if there are only a few photos in your Photos library. In Apple Photos app on your Mac, choose Library Photos. Click the Photos tab at the top. Make sure it is showing all photos.
  2. To delete a photo album using the Google Photos app: Open the Google Photos app, and tap Library at the bottom. Tap the album you want to delete on the following screen. When the album opens, tap the three-dots menu at the top and select Delete album.

To create a shared album, click the plus icon next to 'shared albums' in Photos on Mac, name your new album, invite people, and comment if you like. Group your albums in folders for further organization. Folders are a great way to organize albums even further. You may have a folder for each of your friends; that list may be getting long. Launch the Photos app on your Mac. Go to Albums and open My Photo Stream album. Click the pictures you want to erase. Tap on Delete Photo in the toolbar. Besides, if you wonder at things about Photo Stream on your iPhone, you can link how to delete Photo Stream to know more specific information.

When you realized some photos are mistakenly deleted on Mac, you open the Photos app, hoping to recover the deleted photos from the recently deleted albums. That's when you found that there is no 'Recently Deleted Album' in the app. where do the deleted photos go on Mac? And how to find the recently deleted photos? Here are the solutions.

Why is There no Recently Deleted Album on Mac?

Photos app on Mac is programmed to keep your deleted photos in a separate album named the 'Recently Deleted' for 30 days. After 30 days, these deleted photos are permanently deleted from your device by the macOS automatically. Once all photos are gone from the recently deleted album and you have not deleted any photo in the last 30 days, you would no longer find the Recently Deleted under Photos Library, but the recently deleted folder will come into existence the minute you delete a photo.

In simple words, if you can't find the recently deleted album on Mac, the deleted photos have surpassed the 30 days waiting time and can't be easily restored. However, you can use the Recoverit to retrieve your deleted photos even without the recently deleted album.

How to Find Recently Deleted Albums on Mac?

If there is no Recently Deleted album in Photos of your Mac, take a look at the following methods to find and restore a recently deleted folder.

Method 1: Show Recently Deleted

Mac Delete Photo App Album

Open your Photos app and go to the Files menu.

From the Files menu, choose the Show Recently Deletedoption, and here you are. Now navigate to the Photos album to check if the Recently Deleted folder shows up now.

This method is quite straightforward. If you are sure that 30 days are not passed since you deleted the photos. You can use this method. However, it won't work for the deleted photos after the trash time.

Method 2: Show Photos Sidebar

Open the Photos app and use the view menu option.

From here, choose the option 'Show Sidebar.' Now you can find the Recently Deleted album on the Sidebar.

By using this method, you can view your Recently Deleted folder on the Sidebar.

Method 3: Delete a Photo

Open your Photos app and delete one of the pictures. Now, you can find the Recently Deleted album in the Photos Sidebar.

This method is so far the easiest one to find the Recently Deleted album of Photos. But you can't find any deleted photos that you need.

Where Do Deleted Photos Go on Mac?

The deleted photos on Mac do not disappear overnight. There is a mechanism that every device follows before overwriting recently deleted data. For instance, when you delete a photo, it goes to a recently deleted folder for 30 days. After the completion of this waiting time, the deleted photos disappear from the 'Recently Deleted' album. But here's a secret — these deleted photos disappeared from Recently Deleted are moved into a hidden archive of your Mac, which is not accessible manually to the users.


If you want to recover your deleted photos, you can use third-party recovery programs.

Recoverit Data Recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery can dig into your Mac's deepest alleys and recovers the photos you need. It is your best hope to get your photos back since the deleted data is not openly accessible to the users. The combination of advanced algorithms and programming techniques makes data recovery possible. Despite the complex behind the scenes mechanism, you can recover your deleted photos with the easy three-step solution.

Mac Delete Photo App Albums

1. Selection of Location in your Mac

Of course, you can select your whole Mac at a time for finding the deleted photos, but that would bring tons of deleted photos from every drive. By choosing a more precise location, you can make the recovery process less time-consuming.


2. Scanning of your Selected Location

Recoverit Data Recovery runs a deep scan of your selected location and brings you deleted images.

3. Preview Deleted Photo and Recover It

By using Recoverit Data Recovery, you don't have to restore bulks of unwanted images. Preview the deleted images and choose those you want to recover.

Wrap Up

The Recently Deleted album gives you a chance to undelete important photos. However, the chance will be ended after 30 days. Luckily, there are data recovery programs like Recoverit that can give you a second chance to recover recently as well as permanently deleted photos from Mac.

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Deletion seems so final, and it’s worthwhile to pause a moment and reflect before clicking any Delete button or selecting any Delete menu item. In Photos for macOS, you’re presented with many opportunities to delete items and collections, but Apple fortunately spells out the effects.

One area that confuses people regularly is how Photos deletes albums—both the regular static kind and “smart” albums that use criteria to select what appears within them. Surely, deleting an album might drop the photos and videos the albums contains into the trash?

Fortunately, it does not. In its internal structure, Photos separates out the actual media files from all the containers and organizing structures it makes available. When you delete any album you’ve created, whether it’s smart or static, Photos only deletes the organizing framework. The original media remains in the library untouched.

Apple even makes an effort to reassure you. When you Control-click (or right-click on a two-button mouse) any album in the My Albums list in the sidebar and choose Delete Album or Delete Smart Album, Photos brings up a prompt that explicitly tells you what’s going to happen. The wording is a little quirky, saying that “items in this album will still be visible in your photo library,” but I assume Apple decided on that language to be clearest to the least-sophisticated users, who don’t necessary understand file management and storage.

You can delete albums with great aplomb without worrying about the original media being deleted when you do. If you actually want to delete an image or video:

  • In the main Photos view, select the image or video and choose Image > Delete Photo/Delete Video or press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • In other views, those options aren’t available. Instead, right-click an image or video in any view and choose the Delete option.

If you have iCloud Photos enabled, Photos warns you that a deleted image or video will be removed permanently from every linked device’s Photos library, too. (Deleted images are held for 30 to 40 days in the Recently Deleted folder.)


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