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  1. The Kindle application is now available for the iPod, iPhone, PC and MAC. It would be fantastic to have it as a portable application so that one does not have to install it on all of their computers, laptops, etc.
  2. I am unable to use the kindle app - wont let me log into my amazon account to download my books. Says not ready to use offline. Also unable to access the windows store to reinstall the kindle app.
  3. While we're unable to respond directly to your feedback, we'll use this information to improve our online Help.

Although you can register the Kindle and connect it to your Amazon account through the device's on-screen menu, Amazon also offers Kindle for PC software that allows you to register the device with a computer.

Under normal circumstances registering your iPad with the Kindle application is easy: download the free Kindle application via the App Store, fill in your login credentials of and click 'Register.' There are only a handful of situations wherein your iPad won't register, most of which are completely repairable.

Wrong Login

It seems painfully obvious, but make sure that you've entered your username and password carefully; it's easy to hit the wrong character on accident. You will need to use the account associated with your Kindle to link the your iPad to your account. Check that you use the same login information for the Kindle store in Safari as well.

Previous Application Errors

If you bought your iPad used and it used to have the Kindle App installed, or if you deleted your old version of the Kindle app without first deregistering the device, then the iPad may not be able to connect. This error manifests with the message 'This device has already been registered to another user.' To fix it, you will need to send support a copy your iPad's unique identifier. Connect the device to your computer via USB, open iTunes and select your iPad from the sidebar. Click the serial number to view your UDID. Copy it, and send it to from the page.

Too Many Devices

You're limited to how many devices can access the books your Kindle account -- if there wasn't a limit, all your friends could link up their devices and read your books. Most books allow simultaneous access for six devices. If you've already linked six devices before the iPad, you may not be able to access books via the Kindle app. The solution for this is simply to deregister any devices you aren't using.

Kindle Account For Mac

Country Restrictions

Check that your country of origin is supported by the Kindle; as of October 2011's Kindle service is not available in every country. If your country is one of the supported, you should be able to add the Kindle app to your iPad without issue. recognizes all existing accounts, with the exception of '' If you're using the website, you will need to create an account for

Kindle Account For Mac Downloads

iOS Compatibility

The Kindle application only works with iOS devices running 3.0 or later. Given that the first generation if the iPad shipped with iOS 3.2, there's little chance that this is your issue, but if you modified or downgraded your iOS or any reason it may be incompatible with your iPad.

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Kindle Account For Mac

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