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Unzip the rbz file into Sketchup Plugins Sketchup Plugins su2kt Sketchup Plugins su2kt.rb Overwrite all older files. On PC the Plugins folder is: 'C: Users AppData Roaming SketchUp SketchUp 2014 SketchUp Plugins ' On MAC the Plugins is user folder: /Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins For Google SketchUp 8. The Kerkythea Renderer is a free software that work well with Google SketchUp. The software is a program that works with 3D files to render and create photo realistic textures and lighting. Though in order to work with Kekythea and SketchUp you will need to download the SketchUp plugin from Kerkythea. Firstly, it will ensure that you download and install Kerkythea and the export plugin. In your SketchUp model, draw a face (red in our example) Color the face and / or rename the matter explicitly. Export your SketchUp model to Kerkythea. Apply the material DIFFUSE LIGHT contained in the default library (BASIC PACK).


Kerkythea Sketchup Plugin


Install Kerkythea Plugin Sketchup 2018

When it comes to rendering software, there are many options available nowadays, but Kerkythea is one of the oldest free software packages that is still available for this task. It isn’t as easy to use as other rendering software, but it still works well and produces good results. Check out this video for an introduction.

. If you don’t yet have your own copy, follow the links in the sidebar to get one. It is a great reference for SketchUp!

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Plugin Kerkythea Sketchup 2018

Kerkythea is a rendering plug-in which is free in SketchUp. This plug-in provides the users with high quality renders. Nothing needs to be spent on this software for licensing. Kerkythea, the software is considered to use materials and lights which are physically accurate.

Kerkythea Free