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Swift 4.2 is now officially released! Swift 4.2 builds on the strengths of Swift 4, delivering faster compile times, improving the debugging experience, updating the standard library, and converging on binary compatibility.

You can watch a quick overview of it by watching the WWDC 2018: What’s New in Swift presentation, and try out some of the new features in this playground put together by Ole Begemann.

Language updates

Swift 4.2 is a major language release and contains the following language changes and updates that went through the Swift Evolution process:

Generics improvements

With the completion of conditional conformance support, Swift 4.2 makes significant progress in implementing the vision of generics in the language. Better support for generics ultimately reduces the amount of boilerplate needed in your code and make more of your code reusable. To learn more about conditional conformance, see more at:

Watch the Swift Generics WWDC 2018 presentation for more details.

Standard Library updates

The standard library in Swift 4.2 includes a number of new features, including improvements to the Hashable protocol as well as a new unified set of randomization functions and protocols.

See more at:

Binary compatibility

Swift 4.2 brings the language closer towards a stabilized ABI, enabling binary compatibility for future releases of Swift. Visit the ABI Dashboard for more details on the current progress of this effort.

Additional language and compiler updates

Swift 4.2 includes a number of improvements that have a noticable impact on developer experience, including:

  • Support for batch mode compilation resulting in faster build times
  • Change in calling convention for retain/release cycle to reduce code size and improve runtime performance
  • Lazier SIL deserialization with -Onone
  • Recursive metadata support
  • More compact reflection metadata
  • Default arguments are inlined at call sites
  • Some long-standing bug fixes, including init declname, switch with multiple case labels per block, inheritance of generic initializers, and more

Swift 4.2 also implements the following language proposals from the Swift Evolution process:

  • SE-0054 Abolish ImplicitlyUnwrappedOptional type. Read even more details about the reimplementation here.

Package Manager Updates

Swift 4.2 introduces new features for the Swift Package Manager:

Swift Alpine 4 2018

  • Support for batch mode. Swift targets will be now compiled using the Swift compiler’s batch mode.

  • Automatic Xcode project generation. The generate-xcodeproj has a new –watch option to watch the file system and automatically regenerate the Xcode project if needed. This uses the watchman tool to watch the required files.

  • Improved scheme generation logic. The scheme generation logic is improved and generates schemes as follows:

    • One scheme containing all regular and test targets of the root package.
    • One scheme per executable target containing the test targets whose dependencies intersect with the dependencies of the executable target.

Swift 4.2 also implements the following Package Manager proposals from the Swift Evolution process:

  • SE-0201 Package Manager Local Dependencies. SwiftPM now supports declaring dependency on a package using its path on disk instead of the git URL. This requires updating the package’s tools version to 4.2.
  • SE-0208 Package Manager System Library Targets. The PackageDescription API in tools version 4.2 supports a new type of target “system library target”, which moves the current system-module packages feature from package to target level.
  • SE-0209 Package Manager Swift Language Version API Update. swiftLanguageVersions property in PackageDescription manifest API for tools version 4.2 is changed from an array of Integers to an array of SwiftVersion enum.

Migrating to Swift 4.2

Swift 4.2 is source compatible with Swift 4, Swift 4.1 and Swift 3. Swift 4.2 will be the last release to provide source compatibility with Swift 3.

To help with moving to Swift 4.2 from earlier releases of Swift, Apple’s Xcode 10 contains a code migrator that can automatically handle many of the needed source changes. There is also a migration guide available to guide you through many of the changes — especially through the ones that are less mechanical and require more direct scrutiny.


An updated version of The Swift Programming Language for Swift 4.2 is now available on It is also available for free on the Apple Books store.



Official binaries for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 areavailable for download.

Apple (Xcode)

For development on Apple’s platforms, Swift 4.2 ships as part of Xcode 10.

A toolchain is also available for download from


Swift Sprite Alpine 4 2018

Development on Swift 4.2 was tracked in the swift-4.2-branch on the following repositories on GitHub:

Iswift 4 2018

The tag swift-4.2-RELEASE designates the specific revisions in those repositories that make up the final version of Swift 4.2.

The swift-4.2-branch will remain open, but under the same release management process, to accumulate changes for a potential future bug-fix “dot” release.

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By/Sept. 23, 2021 3:35 pm EDT/Updated: Sept. 23, 2021 4:10 pm EDT

The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has been consistently making headlines ever since 2018 when the two brothers reportedly began to drift apart over the British royal family's efforts (or lack thereof) to make Meghan Markle feel included, per Cosmopolitan. Things have reportedly only gone downhill since the 2018 Christmas video that showed William intensely adjusting his scarf while Duchess Meghan apparently attempted to engage him in conversation. That particular incident has become popularly known as the time the Duke of Cambridge 'scarfed' Meghan.

In the following years, William and Harry attended several public events in which they allegedly refrained from even addressing each other, with the 2019 Easter service being a prime example, as People noted. Harry appeared to confirm some 'stuff' happened between him and William in the ITV documentary about his and Meghan's 2019 trip to Africa. 'Part of this role and part of this job and this family being under the pressure that it's under, inevitably stuff happens,' he said at the time, adding, 'We're certainly on different paths at the moment ... We don't see each other as much as we used to because we're so busy, but I love him dearly. The majority of stuff is created out of nothing, but as brothers, you have good days, you have bad days.'

But nearly a decade before their supposed royal feud even began, the brothers had already gone through an interesting experience while living together. Keep reading to learn why Harry and William vowed to never do it again.

Prince William and Prince Harry lived together in 2009 during their helicopter training

Swift sprite alpine 4 2018 reviews

In 2009, Prince Harry joined his older brother at RAF Shawbury for Defense Helicopter Flying School, per the royal family's official website. In June of that year, Prince William, then 27, and Harry, then 25, gave a rare joint interview to the BBC in which they discussed their living arrangements. 'First time, last time we'll be living together. I assure you of that,' Harry told the reporter, jokingly.

Iswift 4 2018 Free

William pretty much echoed his brother's sentiment. 'It's been a fairly emotional experience,' William quipped. The second-in-line to the throne went on to claim he was the one doing all the chores around their shared home. 'Bearing in mind I cook — I feed him every day — I think he's done very well,' the older brother said, words that royal biographer Robert Lacey noted in his 2020 book, 'Battle of Brothers,' were said 'jokingly — or half-jokingly,' according to the Mirror. William added that even though Harry was supposed to wash the dishes, the younger brother 'leaves most of it in the sink and then he comes back in the morning and I have to wash it up,' he said, to which Harry replied, laughing, 'Oh, the lies.'


William also noted that Harry is a snorer, adding that it disturbs his sleep. At this point, Harry jumped in to tease his brother for making it sound like they were sleeping together. 'People will start thinking we're sharing a bed,' Harry joked.


Before their fallout, Prince William often teased Harry

Up until the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle in May 2018, Harry continued to be close with William, who often teased him in a brotherly manner. In November 2017, when Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, Prince William joked that he hoped Harry would finally stop eating his food. 'For me personally, I hope it means he stays out of my fridge and will stop him scrounging my food, which he's done for the last few years,' William told a reporter in a clip shared by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Twitter.

Despite his teasing, William also opened up about how close he felt to Harry and why they really bonded. 'My brother and I's relationship is closer than it's been because of the situations we've been through. Losing our mother at a young age has kind of helped us sort of travel through that difficult patch together,' he said in 2018, according to ABC News

Even if they had always counted on each other, the brothers spent much of their late adolescence and early adulthood apart. 'We never really spend any time together as we have both got separate jobs going on at the moment. So it is going to be great fun,' Harry said in 2008 about joining William for a charity motorbike trek in South Africa, per the Daily Mail. They've had ups and downs, but roommates? Probably never again.