How To Lower Swtor Mouse Sencativity

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Hello, I am using FOV to make a Sniper Zoom Effect, and In order to make the sniper actually work properly, I need to make the MouseDeltaSensitivity Lower How can I make it revert to the original sensitivity the player had set after I stop zooming in? Example function: plr zooms in & mouse delta sensitivity = 0.5 after unequipping or pressing right click again, the mouse sensitivity should. Special conditions: None. Mouse sensitivity in Windows is set to low, and issue will arise regardless of mouse manufacturer or model, and other hardware and setup. Date: From 2016 to 2019 (Today) Status: Unresolved, Ongoing Description: Mouse sensitivity option in-game is set to 0%, meaning it is not possible to lower mouse sensitivity. The camera rotates and moves extremely fast with the slightest mouse movement. It seems like an issue with the sensitivity or the velocity of the camera. What do you expect to see? The camera should move at a normal speed with the mouse. Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? I've removed them. What I did was lower the Mouse Sensitivity to 0, and bump up the Mouse Screen Motion Range to 100. My aim became a lot less shaky, as the default sensitivity was way too high. I also play with a 12 button MMO mouse, so I have a lot of actions mapped to my mouse buttons. Very convenient. Jan 06, 2012 Mouse sensitivty is abominable. Slightest twitch and I am turned around and running off a cliff/ledge to my death. It's either that or Lag.and if you ask the fanboys about lag, well, there is none. Game is Perfect. Lag isn't a fanboy issue, just some of us don't have lag.

Swtor Mouse Sensitivity Fix

12.14.2011 , 02:11 AM #1
Many of us who have played other games find the movement far too sensitive when turning and moving using the mouse (either with the keyboard + right mouse button or left button + right button together). Here is a simple workaround that will help, without having to go outside the game and mess with your mouse software itself.
In preferences, turn the 'Camera Pivot Speed' slider down to a bare minimum. It starts pretty low already at a default of 6%, but turn it down even more. I set mine down to 3-4% and suddenly my movements using the mouse to turn were much smoother and more like other games. It will eliminate the too fast spinning movement and make gameplay more standard.
To BioWare: please consider either adding a separate slider for turning via mouse sensitivity or turn down, internally, the camera pivot speed. The default of 6% is way too 'loose' and doesn't leave much room for improvement by turning it lower. Anything above 10% makes the game essentially unplayable using the right mouse button for turning. This obviously needs some adjustment.

How To Lower Swtor Mouse Sensitivity Windows 10

12.29.2011 , 01:29 PM #1
I tried to share this with one of the devs on facebook but i guess they didnt see it :-p but the mouse sensitivity settings is too high for me (camera turn speed) even on the lowest settings, i mean i can play it fine but i wish you could make it slower, does anyone know if theres a ini setting to change this. i know some single player games have it where you can (like SKyrim) but not sure about this game. If not then i recommend in the future they make it so you can make it less sensitive as i have some motion issues but can play the game ok as it is now.
you can have a mouse that can go lower but the problem with that is that it also changes the curser speed and thus makes it too slow.
Not griping..though love the game. always like going back to play it more. Happy i bought it, have no regrets but if they could adjust this or if there is some way to tweak it via an .ini settings that would be great!