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More Features in Address Manager

A stylish, professional business card is vital for making a good first impression. An important driver for networking and collaboration, printed or digital business cards that clearly display your company name and information like an email and phone number are a concrete reminder of a connection. Looking for Mac version? Swift Publisher by BeLight Software is compatible with macOS and prints address labels using built in Avery templates. Other desktop publishing options include business cards, envelopes, CD labels, and brochures - Macworld Editors Choice.

Best Business Software For Mac

  • Import Addresses
    Stop re-typing! Import addresses from Outlook, and other software programs using a comma delimited file.

  • Reports
    Create reports of any info you've entered. Great for printing your own Address Book or Phone Book for a handy reference next to your phone or for your day planner.

  • Print Clip Art & Images
    Choose from the clip art included or add your own custom image or logo to print on your address labels or envelopes.

  • Birthdays
    Never miss another birthday! View the Birthday Report to see upcoming birthdays and how old someone will be. Option to turn-on reminders to alert you of upcoming birthdays.

  • Families
    Keep all family member names together under one address. You'll never have to wonder what their kids' names are again (or how to spell them!)

  • Notes
    There's even a place to keep your personal notes. Enter donation records, directions to the house, best time to call,time zones, dinner preferences.

  • Return Address
    Save a step and have your return address automatically printed on envelopes and postcards.

  • Change Address Placement
    This is a nice option if you have custom address labels with a logo or picture. You can re-position where the address prints to accommodate your custom label.

  • Choose Fields for Labels
    If you need to print something other than name and address - no problem.
    Any information entered can be selected to print on a label. For example, select name, address, email, and phone to print your rotary cards.

  • Choose Fields for Reports
    Likewise, any information entered can be selected to print on a report including email, cell phone and notes. This flexibility is nice for creating your address book or a church directory, employee directory or membership list.

  • International
    Accepts international post codes, countries and provinces.

  • Search
    Search function will search your address entries and display a list of any entries found that contain your search criteria.

  • Thousands of Addresses
    You can add over 25,000 addresses in our address book software.

  • Quick Recall
    Save time during data entry as previously entered information is automatically recalled based on the characters you've typed in.

  • Great for Business or Personal Mailings:
    • Letters
    • Direct Mail Promotions
    • Announcements
    • Holiday Cards
    • Newsletters
    • Invitations

Want more details? Click here to view screen images of StatTrak Address Manager. Our address book software makes organizing your addresses easy.


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