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I bring to you the new version of my DragonFable Trainer, with many new functions, new design, etc ...
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My name is Nice Muffin. I play Dragonfable and I'm in Level 26, so yeah I'm pretty good. My name is darthvader in dragonfable but i cant tell you my account cause you dumbass hackers out there will hack me (again)! I'm the owner of this site. Okay there I've just told you everything you need to know.

Dragonfable Trainer Mediafire

  • Status Hack
  • Gold
  • Level
  • End Battle
  • Finish Quest
  • Fill Health
  • Auto Exp
  • Load Shop, Merge Shop, Class, Town, Quest
  • Hide Weapon, Player
  • Bag Slots Hack
  • Hit Enemy
  • Mouse VAC
  • Defender Medals Hack
  • Shop Lifter
  • Item Loader and SWF Grab
  • SWF Loader

Download Cheat engine For Mac users use google search to find 'ihaxgamez' download that, read the tutorial on what application to search and how it works on. Download DragonFable hack for free, get unlimited amounts of coins,gold,health potion and mana potion You can get DragonFable cheats now and upgrade your hero with. Dragonfable Cheats aren’t a basement hobby for the super-nerdy anymore! Today the gaming industry is as large (and profitable) as other entertainment media like Hollywood or the TV networks. There are Dragonfable Cheats out there for players of every stripe, from the hardcore simulation enthusiast to the casual gamer who wants to kill a few.

Dragonfable Hacks

1. Open the file in .rar you downloaded and extract the folder that's in it.
2. Open 'Dragon Fable Trainer v2.0.exe'
3. Check the current build of the game, it does not correspond with the one on trainer, just change it.
4. Have Fun!

Me - Project
Mpgh Forum - Variables and some swf files

the extra file is the video tut 4 how 2 use the speed hack with a trainer
also calculator is needed
GOD inf hp/mpDragonfable Cheat
the grate god mode can be done by searching you're current hit points multiplied by 8 then getting hurt and re searching with you're current hp x 8 after 1 address is found refill hp and double click the address to save edit the value to 79992 should be enough if u want infinite mp repeat the process except use mp not hp =)
to hack spells take the number on the spell during the fight multiply by 8 if there is no number on the spell and/or the spell is usable then the number to search for is 0 then attack him you're spell number should have changed next turn search cheat engine for the number multiplied by 8 keep repeating till only 1 address remains double click it then edit the value to 0 and freeze if done right u can now cast that spell over/over again non stop its fun with rapid!!!!
you must log in to dragonfable 2 use these i can hack all stats except dragon coins/amulet and will tell you how to hack first open cheatengine click button that looks like a computer in top left corner next 2 the open folder next click the internet u are using example if u use firefox find firefox.exe on list click on it and press ok then time 2 start hacking
Dragonfable Cheatif u wanna hack melee def, range def, magic def, parry, doge, block, dmg, crit, bonus, boost, str, int, dex, end, cha, or luck follow these instructions
look at you're current stat bonuses included for example my str is 20+2 so that would b 22 so i take 22 over to calculator and multiply it by 8 you write the answer to the problem in cheat engine under value: i put 176 make sure scan type is exact value and click first scan it will come up with a bunch of results then go switch weapons/armor/items what ever changes the stat you're looking at making it lower or higher for my str i will equip a different sword so now i equipped different sword my str is 20 20 multiplied by 8 = 160 so i put 160 in cheat engine under value: and click next scan keep doing that till cheat engine only finds 1 it will show you how many if found in top left corner under computer button when it only has only 1 left double click on it in window it will put it on a list at bottom of cheat engine change value to what ever you want i use 799999992 because its largest number i can go b4 i go over the limit so change value by double clicking on address at bottom under the word value and change number to 799999992 click the freeze address box under the word frozen its that box click it if done right use stat should be like 9999999 or something repeat steps 4 the rest of the stats the change isn't permanent
speed hack to hack speed after you attach cheat engine 2 dragonfable using the computer icon in the cheat engine click enable speed hack it will make 2 boxes come up set the sleep time to 1 set speed to 9.0 or something i recommend always ending with .0

Dragonfable Cheat Engine Gold

and don't go to high
to hack gold/experience do this

Dragonfable Cheats Money

go 2 a quest that says all levels for example Rescue and when b4 u fight in go 2 cheat engine and search for 0 since u haven't fought/killed ne1 yet u wont have any gold/exp yet after its done scanning go kill som1 then look at you're current exp/money by clicking the chest on bottom of screen in the game next 2 the backpack 2 the right c the chest open it multiply current gold/exp by 8 add the answer to cheat engine under value and click search after its done kill some 1 else and now look at you're current exp/gold take it multiply by 8 add answer 2 cheatengine under value and click search keep doin this till there is only 1 value then double click that value then at bottom window in cheat engine go to the new address double click under the word value change numbers i always go with 48000 repeat this step for money/exp which ever 1 u didn't search 4 yet

Dragonfable Cheat Engine 2020

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