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Drafting program for mac
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  3. Drafting And Design Software For Mac Download
  4. Drafting Software For Mac
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  6. Free Drafting Software For Mac
  7. Free Drafting Program For Mac
Drafting and design software for mac download

SketchList3D – Mac Software for Woodworking, Furniture and Cabinet Design. If you’re looking for Mac 3D kitchen cabinet design software for your woodworking design or furniture projects, you’ve found it. The Mac version of Sketchlist 3D runs natively on your Mac computer, with no need for Parallels or similar compatibility software. SmartDraw includes a variety of office design templates and examples that are easy to customize. Just type in dimensions, add walls, and select elements such as windows, doors, and furnishings from a huge library of symbols. Add textures, colors, and other effects too. Use SmartDraw on your computer, online or mobile device—Windows ®, Mac. EdrawMax is one of the top-selling 2D drafting software with a large assortment of features that will meet all your diagramming needs. Some of its features include: Customizable templates. Industry standard symbols. Easy to import and export files. Flexibility of platforms (works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Web). Intuitive interface. If you’re looking for something powerful for 2D CAD design but amazingly easy to use and value for money, SmartDraw is the best 2D CAD software for Mac on the market. SmartDraw is easily the best CAD drawing tool for beginners on Mac making it easy to create blueprints and floor plans in minutes.

The Open Source CAD System For Everyone

QCAD is a free, open source application for computer aided drafting (CAD) in two dimensions (2D). With QCAD you can create technical drawings such as plans for buildings, interiors, mechanical parts or schematics and diagrams. QCAD works on Windows, macOS and Linux. The source code of QCAD is released under the GPL version 3 (GPLv3), a popular Open Source license.

The current version of QCAD is 3.26.

QCAD was designed with modularity, extensibility and portability in mind. But what people notice most often about QCAD is its intuitive user interface. QCAD is an easy to use but powerful 2D CAD system for everyone. You don't need any CAD experience to get started with QCAD immediately. You can download QCAD today for free!

Main Features

  • Layers
  • Blocks (grouping)
  • 35 CAD fonts included
  • Support for TrueType fonts
  • Various Metrical and Imperial units
  • DXF and DWG input and output
  • Printing to scale
  • Printing on multiple pages
  • Over 40 construction tools
  • Over 20 modification tools
  • Construction and modification of points, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, splines, polylines, texts, dimensions, hatches, fills, raster images
  • Various powerful entity selection tools
  • Object snaps
  • Measuring tools
  • Part library with over 4800 CAD parts
  • Very complete and extremely powerful ECMAScript (JavaScript) scripting interface
  • Command line tools (dwg2pdf, dwg2svg, dwg2bmp, etc.)

Click here for a complete list of features.

The latest version of MacDraft Professional is the 2D CAD app that makes floor & garden plan design, architectural drawing and technical illustration easy on Mac. Create precise and professional 2D CAD drawings in moments, with this easy-to-use, powerful and affordable drafting application. With its precise vector tools, smart units and fully-featured scaled environment MacDraft is designed to deliver an easy to use solution, without having to spend hours and hours learning how to use more complicated software.

MacDraft Pro

What’s New in MacDraft 7.0?

The latest version of MacDraft Professional includes some impressive improvements and features, that makes version 7.0 far more intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use than ever before. Boasting a range of additions to not only make using MacDraft easier, but to speed up your design process.
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New User Interface

New Text System

Full Screen Mode

File Formats

Drafting And Design Software For Mac Free

Drafting And Design Software For Mac

Tool Improvements

Share & Collaborate

Vecorized Text

Swatches Panel

Calculate Perimeter

Improved Patterns

Align To page

More Templates

Improved Welcome

Power & Speed

Floor Plan Design
Quick and easy floor plan design for all building types

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned draftsmen, floor plan design is quick and easy in MacDraft Professional. Combining powerful and precise drawing tools with thousands of pre-drawn symbols and graphics, you’ll be creating your floor plans in a matter of minutes. Add walls, windows and doors. Next you can drag and drop furniture, appliances and fixtures from a large library of floor plan symbols or create your own symbols. Once finished you can print your floor plan, export it and share it with others. Create traditional line work floor plans or full color vibrant floor plan designs, it’s up to you!
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Garden Plan Design
Quick, vibrant and stylish garden & landscape designs

MacDraft Pro makes it easy to design and layout beautiful and vibrant landscape and garden plan designs. Combine ease of use with thousands of pre-drawn symbols and graphics, and start creating your landscape and garden plans in a matter of minutes. Add shapes, lines and sections. Next you can drag and drop plants, trees and structures from a large library of garden plan symbols or create your own symbols. Once finished you can print your designs, export them and share them with others. Create traditional line work garden and landscape designs or full color vibrant layouts, it’s up to you!
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Technical Illustrations
Precise technical drawing with pinpoint accuracy

MacDraft Professional allows you to create incredibly detailed technical illustrations in minutes with the use of its powerful vector tools. Combine line styles, scale, graphics and dimensions to show case your designs to colleagues and clients. MacDraft Pro also boasts export to DWG allowing you to share your creations with other CAD applications and printer services! The level of detail you can gain with the layer system makes it so simple to produce high quality, professional results and turn a quick idea into a beautiful, crisp, informative, technical illustration. What are you waiting for?
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Site Plan Design
Towns, Maps? Whatever the size, MacDraft can do it

Draw precise and intricate topographical maps, charts and more on your Mac with MacDraft Pro. Layout street maps, land formations and intricate plans with MacDraft Pro’s precise and easy to use vector drawing tools. Combine the power of a fully-scaled drawing environment with the familiarity of a vector based drawing app to map out your ideas and create professional results. MacDraft Pro is the app that makes detailed drawing simple and inspires you to create professional looking designs in minutes with the use of its powerful vector tools.
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Engineering Drawing
Electrical to mechanical, MacDraft has you covered

Drafting And Design Software For Mac Os

MacDraft gives you the ability to generate Engineering Drawings and Layouts with ease. With templates and libraries available to get you started coupled with a myriad of precise and powerful vector tools, MacDraft really is the perfect tool for any engineers toolbox. A fully scaled environment with different scales allowed on different layers gives you the license to showcase all aspects of your design on a single sheet then go the extra step and give your drawings that much needed finishing touch with our intuitive and precise dimension tools.
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Page Layout
Dynamic tools and features for any layout project

Whether its a leaflet, business card or magazine, MacDraft provides both the vector and text tools needed to get you designing with confidence. Snapping gives you the ability to precisely place your content and create the perfect page layout in minutes. All of this coupled with the dynamic text editing offered in MacDraft creates an environment for you to produce amazing creations with a few clicks of your mouse. All finished? Well share and collaboarte with others either on the PC or the Mac.
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Graphic Design & Illustration
Let your imagination run wild, MacDraft will do the rest

Drafting And Design Software For Mac Download

Combine curves, gradients and opacities to create beautiful, cool and vibrant vector graphics in MacDraft. Whether its a logo, poster, brand or just a fun idea you’ve had, MacDraft gives you the chance to put pen to paper (or cursor to document layout) and let your skill and creativity take over. Getting stuck? We have thousands of breathtaking graphics available to you in the form of our graphics library add ons, simply drag and drop objects into your designs or create your own library of regularly used graphics for a future project! Your only limitation is your own imagination.
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Drawing Tools
A complete set of tools for all your drawing needs

Drafting Software For Mac

Powerful vector tools combined with precision dimensioning allows you to take your designs from a simple idea to a beautiful creation. MacDraft puts the power in your hands and allows you to draw, join, break, chamfer, duplicate, fillet, mirror, rotate, snap, trim and much more all in a single package. Add complex shapes together or create accurate walls with the powerful parallel lines tool. Whatever your project, rest assured that MacDraft has a tool to help you along your journey. Why wait? Take control and get designing today with the help of MacDraft’s intuitive and dynamic vector tools!
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Simple Cad Software For Mac

Built for MacOS - Harnessing the power

MacDraft 7 has undergone a complete rewrite and as part of this has been modernised and upgraded to use all the latest technologies to give you the most modern, fast and efficient version of MacDraft yet.

Color Sync
A platform-independent color management system provided by the Apple system.

Core Image
An image processing and analysis technology that provides high-performance processing.

Core Animation
Provides high frame rates and smooth animations without slowing down an app.

Core Graphics
Based on the Quartz advanced engine, providing low-level, lightweight 2D rendering.

Image I/O
Programming framework that allows applications to read and write most image formats.

A framework that allows users to browse, edit, and save images, using Core Image filters.

Core Text
A framework that provides modern, low-level programming for laying out and handling text.

A quick preview feature that allows you to view the content of a document without opening.

Free Drafting Software For Mac

Auto Save
Automatically saving open documents to preserve user data and protect against data loss.

Auto Layout
Technology for automatically adapting to different screen sizes and orientations.

Drafting And Design Software For Mac

64-Bit Application
Gives the full power of your machine and is fully compatible with future operating systems.

Block GCD
A technology used to optimize application support for systems with multi-coreprocessors.

Dark/Light Mode
Integrating MacDraft with the System for changing between a light and dark interface layout.

Free Drafting Program For Mac

Swift UI
The application UI has been written on latest Swift v4 code for use of modern technologies.

MacDraft Pro 7.0

System requirements:
Machines running MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.
Includes full Support for MacOS 11 (Big Sur).
Available through our web-store from $399.00£339.00€379.00
You can also upgrade from previous versions