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Fone lets you easily recover deleted or lost images, messages, videos, and more. Moreover, it supports data transfer between devices, allowing you to conveniently transfer content from your Windows PC to a mobile device. Fone also acts as a file management tool, letting you delete unwanted or redundant files with ease. Syncios Data Recovery vs Dr.Fone - Deep Review. The Wondershare Dr.Fone and the Syncios Data Recovery software is almost the same in function and its capability in recovering your lost or deleted data. However, as you can see, the Syncios Data Recovery software is a more user-friendly program. Here are some reasons why.

Wondershare dr.fone toolkit is a comprehensive software for managing data on iOS and Android devices. It offers some solutions to recover data, transfer files between phones and computer, copy data between phones, back up and restore data, root Android phone, permanently erase data, and unlock. The Unlock tool might be useful for many people, especially when they forget the passcode to their phones or can’t have access to other ways to unlock their phones. I’ve seen many people give up because they couldn’t remember passwords, PIN, patterns or the fingerprint scanner is broken, therefore, they no longer could use their phones.

We gave it a try to see if the tool really can remove the lock screen on Android devices.

Dr Fone Wondershare Review

The product is rubbish and did not work, and when I asked customer services for a refund they refused. Totally fraudulent. In my opinion Wondershare Dr.Fone don't even honour basic consumer rights to a refund, even if they are contacted immediately after purchase. Beware of being conned by Wondershare Dr.Fone.

Warning: The purpose of the software is to remove the lock screen and grant owners the access to their own smartphones. We don’t encourage using it without the consent of the owner. Besides, we don’t take any responsibility in case your phone is bricked or has other failures after being unlocked with this tool.


Once you open the software, you will be presented with all available tools, for example, Recover, Transfer, Switch, Backup & Restore, Repair iOS system, Unlock, Erase, and Root. We will focus on the Unlock tool in this article.

After clicking on the Unlock tool, the software will ask you to connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable. Once you’re ready, click on the Start button.

The next step is the most important one since an incorrect configuration could break your Android device. Here you will need to select the brand, device name, and device model number. At the moment, the Unlock tool supports just some selected devices from LG and Samsung. I tested it with some devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 but they haven’t been supported yet. Therefore, I highly recommend you to check the supported devices first. It is best to use the trial version before purchasing the software; It is free to try.

In this step, the brand and device name are easy to select correctly. If you want to know the device model of your Android smartphone, you need to find it on the box, or do some research on Google, or just ask your shop/carrier where you purchased the phone. We wrote some posts here on model numbers of different smartphones, and you can easily find the model numbers in those articles as well.

Next, you will need to type in Confirm to confirm the device model.

Then, you must follow the 3 steps to enter the Download mode: power off, press and hold Volume down + Home button + Power button, and press volume up.

Now, your phone will start downloading recovery package. You will just need to wait and the program will remove the lock screen without losing data. After that, you have unlocked mobile phones and they are ready to use again. I’d recommend you to set up the lock screen again immediately.

The Unlock tool can bypass 4 major types of lock screens on Android, including pattern, password, PIN, and fingerprint without rooting or damaging any data. The interface is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge at all, you will need to follow the steps as shown on the screen. You can download the trial version or watch the video below to see clearly how to unlock your phone.

The dr.fone Unlock (Android) is available in a 1-year subscription or a lifetime license which costs $39 and $49 respectively.

Dr Fone Wondershare Review freeFone

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