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Adductive Free Cricket Games, including cricket game t20 2014, cricket game t20 world cup, cricket game 2014, cricket game 3d and more. This makes a lot of easier for users to comparison and choose to installing the application. Ranking by number of downloads and rating from users.This is an application that is not an official of any brand. Top-rated cricket games that you should download on your mobile. The world of digital entertainment is expanding quicker than ever before. The Google Play Store on Android is quickly becoming a gaming hub for sports and in particular cricket users, who want to indulge in the latest software on the market.

  • Q3. How I Can Download the Real Cricket 20 OBB File?

Real Cricket 20 apk is the most trustable and enthusiastic game for users who are using android mobile phone or other android gadgets. This is the best game for those users who want to play real cricket apk 20 on all sorts of android devices. Real cricket 20 mod apk has now become available for android device users with 3D animated gameplay with a host of new world cricket championships, premier leagues with new and better visual and voice quality. In short, rc20 apk is one of the best game apps on Google Play Store for android devices users.

Finally Real cricket 20 apk Launched with very amazing and new features. Just Download file from the download page and remove your previous version from the mobile and install it That’s it. All these features make this game more addictive and you definitely gonna like them all. In the previous version, there are not som any features but in this upcoming game update there are many new features and you can easily unlock them and play. Some of the new features that will be in this game are given below.

Article Updated On 7 February 2020

In upcoming real cricket 20, there is a new feature which is called Ranked. Ranked is also called Multiplayer mod and in this mode, you can play with your friends and also with other players. In this mode, You can create and build your own team and customize it. Like team logo, Team kit, and many other changes that you can do with it. You can also get a free starter pack and lead your team to victory. With progress, you can get a free starter pack and make your own team with that.

2. Sledging

What if I tell you that in this upcoming Rc 20 game there are many actions that you can do. Sledging is a type of action that you can do after bowled any player. Basically, its a celebration or you can say to argue with the player. This is fun if you do this. Many of you gonna like this feature in new upcoming RC 20.

3. Edged

A new feature is that now you can bowl any payer and you can bowl him in the variety of ways like LBW, Caught behind, etc. This is an amazing feature that you can use. Every player who plays this game will definitely gonna enjoy this feature of this game. Soon this game going to be announced and you can easily play it.

4. New Bowling Actions

In this upcoming game real cricket 20, there are many new actions of bowling and you can bowl in very amazing ways. All these actions are illegal and you can use any action you want.

5. New Stadiums and kits

New stadiums are unlocked and you can now choose new stadiums to play. you can also choose any stadium for practice. All stadiums are available for you and you can easily choose any stadium you want. Besides stadiums, there are new kits for every team and you may gonna like them. Also, you can make your own team kit and personalized it.

The Indian developer NautilusGames develop now the Real Cricket 20 APK for that we decided to play the game to find out other cricket games on the Google Play store or from any other source is better than its predecessor.

Real Cricket 2020 Apk is a brand new game built on a new engine. That makes it different for real-life cricket feelings. Real Cricket Apk is now available on Android and iOS including real Cricket Test Match and Premier league.

Nautilus Games decided to have tried to make real cricket 2020 apk look and feel a lot like a live Television Broadcast of a cricket match. Everything even stadium, toss to action replays look a lot more TV Broadcasts.

Cricket 07 Download For Windows 10

Here are some questions that everybody wants to know about real cricket 20 for android. Don’t worry, I will try to completely explain to provide all answers to these questions. Please read the complete article. Let’s come to the first question.

Q1. What New in Real Cricket 20 Apk?

What is a new in Real Cricket 2020 apk? Most cricket fans that love cricket and love with cricket game to play on android. Real cricket 20 game lover want to know much about this cricket game. The Nautilus Mobile introduces some significant changes in app. Let’s discuss new changes in real cricket 20 app one by one:

1.1 – Most Innovative 3D Animated Gameplay

Nautilus Mobile presents real cricket 20 with 3D animated technology which has all the thrills, excitement& power pack action and cricket fans feel originality when they play real cricket game as played in real life. The custom designed of cricket app for windows phone or iOS devices gives you the best experience of playing free 3D real cricket game on the go!

3D animated gameplay provides you world cricket championships bring out the passionate cricketer inside you.

1.2 –Full Match Experience to Play RC20 Game With 3D

Real Cricket 2020 gameplay fans popular demand form all the cricket paly 3D. There is why Nautilus Mobile introduced full scale bowling mode now. Where the fans of this game will play and experience full match with batting and bowling mode innings.

1.3 –Game Mode

This game is a wonderful game for play on android and iOS devices. You can play this game easily and endlessly without paying anything. In real cricket 20 apk, you can choose your home team and the opposite team. Every user or game player can adjust matches quickly according to the difficulty level Easy, Hard and Medium. In this game, you can also select your match duration with 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 overs match with the selection of day or night match. You will love its graphics, ground, shots and everything because Nautilus Mobile provides an outstanding.

  • Stadium With Lightning
  • Pro Joystick Control Introduce
  • Graphics have been Improved
  • Players New faces and Hairstyles
  • Dubai Stadium has been added in this game
  • Injured Players- A new feature in auction mode
  • True to Life Test Match Mode, all new detailed
  • Gameplay Cameras improves as like a realistic view
  • Added 30 New batting shots styles use in this game
  • Pitch and Ball condition Change option introduce in this game
  • Dick worth Louis Method use in game when match draw due to rain
  • Hot spot and heating effect DRS Technology introduced in each match
  • First time on a mobile Day Mode (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk, Night)

Q2. What the Real cricket 20 Apk 2.9 Download is Free of Cost?

Real Cricket 20 is the game that has been long established as the best cricket gaming app available on Google Play Store. Yes, RC20 apk is free of cost.

Google Play Store provides the opportunity for users real cricket 20 app download with one of the best realistic gaming experience using the best quality of graphics available.


The real cricket 20 obb file download is also available for the gamers with no cost at all. This new gameplay requires the gamer to strengthen their gaming skills and take down the challenges of a cricket field and become the ultimate cricket legend. The gamers can also download real cricket 20 for pc. You can now enjoy this world cricket championships real cricket game on pc and also for android devices.

Cricket 7 Game Download For Android

Q3. How I Can Download the Real Cricket 20 OBB File?

Cricket 2007 Game Download For Android

Nautilus Mobile also introduces real cricket 20 obb file download opportunity for its game fans. Most of the users don’t know about the obb file, what is obb file?How it can be download? What are the issues to download and its solutions to about real cricket 2020 obb file download? Let’s discuss the obb file and have a short view about the obb file download step by step:

Cricket 7 Game Download For Android

What is Obb File?

OBB File is an important file that developers create with some APK additional things to support the application. The obb files contain a bunch of assets that carry encrypted data with additional graphics and media assets that are not included in the apk file.

Nautilus Mobile also provides obb file you can download in its new Real Cricket 20 latest version. Its a good news for cricket fans to change gaming modes as their requirement and feel better enjoyment to play real cricket 2020.


But there are some issues fans facing during download and installation so here is complete solution and step by step guide.

Issue#1 How do I open OBB files?

This is very easy and simple for anyone. You have to download ES file from the browser. Then download real cricket 20 app download file and also download OBB file or data but one thing you have to keep in your mind Don’t Open OBB File. You just real cricket 20 obb file download in your phone memory or SD Card but I will suggest you SD Card is best for store this OBB File. After Download and store in your mobile SD Card storage, you launch your Es real cricket 20 apk OBB file explorer app and locate the Real Cricket 2020 apk and tap on install.

Issue# 2 How Can you do Unzip RC 20 Apk OBB files on Android?

You just touch the folder of obb to open it. These files from the zip obb file are available in the folder. You have to compress these files using the My Files Option in file manager on a Samsung device or other devices. You will navigate to the folder in which contains the files you want to compress. You touch and hold on the obb file you want to select until it is checked.

Common Issue:

In this game fielding dive and catches are not realistic animation. In this version tried to improve animations like PC Cricket Game or PlayStation. Camera cut actions for batsman and bowler is very Low. Like PC or PlayStation. RC20 APK is better than other companies who introduced cricket games like WCC2 because of realistic shots.

Solution: Please install your drive system RUN AS. Add the series of test match.

Know every game have some extraordinary features and some need to be updated. So Here we describe.

Gameplay: Overall, Real Cricket is the most decent game. But we think world cricket championships are the most excited portion of RC 20 APK. In this game, there is much better commentary with great game play.

Features: Real Cricket 2020 app features are all from one game. Which provide better enjoyable feelings to the gamers. Real Cricket 20 is valuable to check out but it needs to up its game to the best in the business.

Cinematic: Nautilus Mobile provides cinematic features that provide remarkable and real feelings like cinema screen and real feelings for the gamers.

Bowling: In Real Cricket 20 App, the gamers will get real bowling speed with natural feelings. Like swing, short pitch ball, full toss ball, bouncer ball, no ball and other bowling styles.

Simple Control: Real Cricket 20 APK provides better control when gamers play this game.

Average Visual: Real Cricket has average visuals not an extraordinary visual like play on PC. When we play real cricket for pc game on computer, it gives us better result rather than APK on mobiles or iOS devices.

Poor Commentary: real cricket has poor commentary on android device. The reason is when we play this game; we didn’t receive uninterrupted and clear voice. The commentary speed doesn’t match with the game (slow speed of voice).

Fielding: In this Apk game, Fielding events are missing, when a fielder field the ball the game visual cut some images.


Real Cricket 20 Apk Download Link!

Game has a rating of 4.5 on both Google Play and App store. It has almost 10 million downloads. The latest sports game is 2.9 version, released on Feb 7, 2020.

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Final Verdict

Cricket Games For Windows 10

Real Cricket 20 APK is the game that lets the cricket game fans in the best gaming experience where they can compete to become the best cricketer feelings out there. RC 20 APK is designed with the best available graphics that provide the gameplay worthwhile and also provided to the gamer for absolutely free of charge. The new modification of this version of provides the advantage in the form of unlimited money which shall help you to make endless purchases from the store without worrying about the cost because this game is free. You don't have to pay a single penny for this. So, I have tried my best to cover all aspects that are related to this game. I hope this article will cover your issues and confusion about this Real Cricket 2020 apk game.


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