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For iTunes users, you may find that you can't play Apple Music songs and some iTunes music on other devices. Why? That is because they are M4P files with DRM protection. Thus, if you want to play M4P files without any limit, then you need to convert M4P to MP3 or other formats.

Best iTunes Alternative to Convert M4P to MP3. If you have M4P files that you want to turn into MP3, then UniConverter is the best application to do the conversion for you. UniConverter offers the ultimate solution for converting M4P without any quality loss. With its super-fast speed, the tool can convert M4P on Windows and Mac. Step 1 Add iTunes M4P Music to Sidify. Let’s make sure those protected M4P songs are well-downloaded to your computer. Then launch Sidify iTunes M4P to MP3 Converter and click '+' to select M4P tracks for converting. It also supports adding files in batch by pressing 'Shift'or 'Ctrl' on your keyboard, which lets you manually add as many files as you want. Step 2: select M4P music you want to convert. No matter M4P songs purchased from iTunes Store before 2009, M4P audiobooks or Apple Music songs, Ondesoft iTunes Converter can convert them all. Click the checkbox before the songs/audiobooks you want to convert. Step 3: Ouput settings. Choose MP3 as ouput format.

Nowadays, there are lots of M4P to MP3 converter in the market. They include online, free and offline professional. In this post, we will list some best M4P to MP3 converter online and offline for your reference. Then you can choose one of them and learn how to convert M4P to MP3 for listening anywhere.

Top 1. DRmare Audio Converter - Best M4P to MP3 Converter

DRmare M4P to MP3 Converter Windows/Mac is an audio converter. It can convert iTunes DRM-ed audios as well as non-DRM audio to plain formats like MP3. It is among the top rated Apple Music M4P to MP3 converter tools.

It comes with built-in multifunctional DRM decryption technology. It can get rid of DRM locks at a 30 X faster speed with original quality preserved. Better yet, you can set the output ID tags like title, cover, and more depending on your preference.

Besides, you can refine audio quality by changing sample rate and more among others. With the DRmare program, you will learn how to convert M4P to MP3 without iTunes. Then you can easily get Apple Music and iTunes songs as local files. Then you can listen to them on any device you like.

Below, you can see the pros and cons of DRmare M4P to MP3 Converter Windows 10 and Mac.

Supported Platform: Windows & Mac (including macOS Big Sur)

Price: $39.95/1 PC/Lifetime


1. All-in-one DRM removal tool for Apple Music/iTunes songs.
2. Run at 30X faster speed without altering the music quality or the ID3 tags.
3. Convert iTunes M4P and standard M4P files to MP3 and other plain formats.
4.It is available for both Mac and Windows systems.
5. Support to alter volume, pitch and more for audio tracks before converting.
6. Convert audiobooks from Audible and iTunes to plain audio files.


1. The full license is not free.

Top 2. Sidify Apple Music Converter

Sidify Apple Music Converter is another best M4P to MP3 converter. It is a standalone app that converts bought M4P Apple Music tracks, and Audible Audiobooks to MP3. It can work on Mac and Windows platforms.

This tool turns Apple songs to DRM-free well. It can turn Apple Music playlist or tracks to MP3 and more at a 10X faster speed. And even at such high speed, it converts your audio without compromising quality. Better yet, it preserves the ID tags in the output audio file.

Supported Platform: Windows & Mac

Price: $99.95/1 PC/Lifetime


1. Has Windows and Mac versions, makes it M4P to MP3 converter user-friendly.
2. Intuitive user interface.
3. Converts M4P audios to popular plain formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.
4.Retain audios metadata.
5. Relatively good conversion speed while retaining audio quality.
6. Support 45 languages and so on.


1. Lacks the utility to modify track metadata.
2. Need to install the iTunes app.

Top 3. DRmare Audio Capture

DRmare Audio Capture is an audio recorder. It can help record Apple Music M4P to MP3 and other audio formats. On DRmare program, you can alter audio parameters before converting. And you can batch convert multiple audio tracks you like. The DRmare program can retain original audio quality of Apple Music.

After recording, you can save or split the audio tracks as you want. Then you can store the audio tracks to your computer for using without any limit. In a word, it is another best M4P to MP3 converter Mac and Windows.

Supported Platform: Windows & Mac (including macOS Big Sur)

Price: $29.95/1 PC/Lifetime


1. Record audio tracks from Apple Music and more resources.
2. Change audios to MP3, FLAC and other common audio formats.
3. Retain original sound quality and full ID3 tags.
4. Support edit and split audio tracks to small parts.


1. Record at real-time, will take a long time for the process

Top 4. NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter

Another M4P to MP3 converter is NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter. It is pre-eminent software that gets rid of DRM from Apple's protected audio. And converts it into a common format that's accessible with any device.

It executes the conversion at a 10X faster speed. And it can retain ID tags information, and produce audio output with lossless quality. Better yet, it is compatible with Windows and Mac systems also.

Even more, it has an intuitive user interface that supports batch M4P to MP3 conversion.

Supported Platform: Windows & Mac

Price: $99.95/1 PC/Lifetime


1. Convert a batch of audio files at a 10X speed.
2. Audio output quality equals the original.
3. Intuitive user interface.
4. Maintain ID tags like cover, title, album, artist, etc.
5. Available for Mac OS and Windows OS.
6. Free lifetime upgrade.


1. You must install iTunes to use it.
2. Only support output MP3/AAC/FALC/WAV.
3. Not allow to alter codec, channel, etc.
4. Won't save audiobook chapter.

Top 5. TunesKit Audio Converter

TunesKit Audio Converter is specialized in converting Apple Music files to plain audio files. And it is also a multifunctional iTunes DRM removal software. It now converts Apple Music M4P files to MP3 while breaking the DRM protection at the same time.

Moreover, you can customize the bit rate and other audio parameters to get better quality. And if you're after the unaltered form of your music, you can export it without alterations. What's more, it can do the conversion at 30X faster speed on Windows without losing the music quality.

And as if that isn't enough, it has a user interface that makes it one of the easy and best M4P converter. You can drag and drop your iTunes downloads to the main interface. And then get your conversion started.

Supported Platform: Windows & Mac

Price: $39.95/1 PC/Lifetime


1. Supports converting Apple Music to series of audio format.
2. Losslessly remove DRM from Apple Music at 30X faster speed.
3. Output high quality audio and keep ID3 tags of audio files.


1. It is not a freeware.
2. It doesn't support Linux.
3. Can't support iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks.

Top 6. TuneFab Apple Music Converter

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is an iTunes DRM Converter. It is designed for iTunes Music, Audible Audiobooks, Apple Music, and iTunes Audiobooks. Besides, it has a unique feature that can extract audio from iTunes videos. On TuneFab, you can alter the output format, speed, etc. as you want.

The downside of this M4P to MP3 converter is that it takes a very long time to load the iTunes library. And the user interface is not that friendly.

Supported Platform: Windows & Mac

Price: $69.95/2 PCs/Lifetime


1. Output MP3, AC3, AIFF and more audio formats.
2. You can customize audio metadata.
3. Support to rip audio from iTunes movies, TV shows and more videos.


1. The user interface is out of date.
2. Take a long time to load iTunes library.

Top 3 Best M4P to MP3 Converter Online

Besides the above M4P to MP3 converter, there are some online M4P to MP3 converter you use choose from. In this part, we will list top 3 M4P to MP3 converter free online for you.

#1 is an online and free website to convert M4P to MP3 online. It also supports to convert music video, document and image.

How to Use FreeConvert M4P to MP3 Converter Freeware

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Go to 'Audio Converter' > 'MP3 Converter'. Then choose 'M4P to MP3' section.

Step 3. Hit on 'Choose Files' to add M4P files.

Step 4. Press 'Convert to MP3' to begin to convert M4P to MP3 online.

Step 5. Check the 'Download MP3' button to get all the MP3 files.


1. No extra program is needed.
2. It is free.


1. Convert speed is quite slow.
2. Can't batch convert.

Converter M4P To Mp3 For Mac Computer

#2 AnyConv

AnyConv is another M4P to MP3 converter free online. You just need to go to its website to convert M4P to MP3 free. You can convert files on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone in a few clicks.

To add files to AnyConv, you can choose from your device via the 'Choose File' button. Or you can drag and drop the file to the upload area directly. Then you can start the conversion of M4P to MP3 online.


1. No need installation.
2. Can batch convert M4P to MP3 online.
3. Free to use.
4. Delete your files after 1 hour, protect your security and privacy.


M4PCONVERT.COM is a free M4P converter. It allows users to convert M4P to MP3 online with just 3 clicks. You can also import the URL of an online audio file to it. Then it will analyze and convert for you.

How to Use M4PCONVERT M4P to MP3 Converter Online

Step 1. Head to M4PCONVERT.COM.

Step 2. Choose three options to add M4P files to it according to your needs. There are 'Add Files', 'Add From URL' and 'Use Extension' for you to choose. Or you can drag & drop the files to it.


Step 3. Touch the 'Start Conversion' to convert M4P to MP3. Then you will get the MP3 files.


1. No need to install.
2. It is totally free.


1. Doesn't allow batch convert.

In Conclusion

Above we'd reviewed top 9 best M4P to MP3 converter free, online and offline for you. You can choose the program to convert M4P to MP3. Or you can use the M4P to MP3 converter online according to your needs. Just use the right one to help you enjoy Apple Music and iTunes music without any limit.

I have many purchased songs from iTunes in M4P format. I transfer them to my Dell laptop and find that they can’t be directly played with my player. Equally, I can’t play them on other devices, not the Apple ones. How to easily convert M4P to MP3 or other popular audio formats? Is there any free M4P to MP3 converter? Please help.

For various reasons, you will have the need to convert M4P to MP3. You may feel unfamiliar with this M4P audio format, not like popular ones like MP3. Truth is, M4P is one DRM protection audio format which widely used in iTunes purchased songs.

Problem is, after purchasing these M4P songs from iTunes, you can only played them with Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac and so on. So when you want to use them on other devices, you have to remove the DRM protection and convert it to MP3.


M4P to MP3 Converter

Here comes the question, how to convert M4P to MP3? How to make the M4P conversion free? This post shows 3 simple ways to convert M4P audio. Whether you want to convert M4P with iTunes or not, you can find suitable method from this page.

Part 1. How to Convert M4P to MP3 Free with iTunes

The purchased songs from iTunes will be with DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, in M4P format. The good thing is, iTunes provides a way to help you remove the DRM and turn M4P into MP3, and the solution is free. At the first part, we will show you how to make the audio conversion from M4P to MP3 free with iTunes.

Step 1First, run the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2When you enter the main interface, click 'Edit' on the top-left menu bar and then choose 'Preferences...' option from the drop-down list.

Step 3When you open “General Preferences”, click 'General' tab and then click 'Import Settings' button. A new window named 'Import Settings' will pop up. Choose 'MP3 Encoder' in this window.

Step 4Click 'Setting' and then click 'Custom...' option. Here you can freely adjust 'Stereo Bit Rate/Sample Rate/Channels' and more based on your need. Then click 'OK' to confirm the operation and close the window.

Step 5Locate the purchased M4P song in iTunes and choose it. Here you can gather all songs you want to convert in a new playlist.

Step 6Right click on the chosen song and choose the 'Create MP3 Version' option. By doing so, you can handily make a copy of the song in MP3 format. Then the original M4P iTunes song will be converted to MP3 as you like.

With iTunes, you can convert M4P to MP3 with ease. The uncomfortable part is that, you have to convert all iTunes M4P songs one by one. What’s worse, the M4P to MP3 conversion will lose some sound quality.

Part 2. Best M4P Converter to Convert M4P to MP3 without iTunes

With the method above, you can handily convert M4P to MP3. While as you can see from above, it’s a bit of complex and waste time. Considering that, here we sincerely recommend an easy-to-use M4P to MP3 converter, Video Converter Ultimate to help you get the audio conversion.

Video Converter Ultimate is specially designed to convert any frequently-used video and audio formats with high quality. It can be a great helper if you want to convert M4P to MP3. It guarantees no audio quality loss and a fast converting speed. Now you can take following guide to make the audio conversion.

Step 1With the download button above, you can quickly download the M4P to MP3 converter on your computer. It offers both Windows and Mac versions. Pick the right one according to your operating system.

Step 2When you enter the main interface, click Add File to load the M4P songs you want to convert. You are allowed to import one or more audio files to this converter. Actually, here you can load all the iTunes songs at a time.

Step 3Click Profile and then choose MP3 as the target format from the drop down list. Then click Convert button to start converting M4P to MP3 without iTunes. Again, there won’t be any audio quality loss during the conversion. Besides MP3, you can also convert M4P to AAC, M4A, FLAC, and other audio formats you need.

Note: Before the final M4P to MP3 audio conversion, you are allowed to edit audio. Surely, there are many more cool features designed in this software. Just free download it and have a try.

Part 3. How to Free Convert M4P to MP3 Online

When you want to convert M4P to MP3 free, online audio converter can also be a good choice. In this part, we will show you 3 great online M4P to MP3 converters to help you remove the DRM protection and make the audio conversion.


FileZigZag is one very popular online audio converter which enables you to convert M4P to MP3 free online. Besides MP3, it also allows you to convert M4p to AAC, AIF, FLAC, M4A, M4R, etc. Based on your need. Just upload your M4P files to it and you can easily finish the conversion. One thing you should concern is that, after the M4P to MP3 converting, you are required to input your email to get the converted MP3 files downloaded.


Easy M4p Converter

cloudconvert is an all-featured online video and audio converting tool. It can help you make the audio conversion from the M4P to MP3 with ease. Any popular video and audio formats are supported, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP3, M4P, AAC, M4A, WMV and more. It claims that it can convert more than 218 formats. You can easily upload your M4P file and then convert it to MP3.


You will know ZAMZAR as long as you ever search for online video or audio converter online. ZAMZAR is one powerful and popular online converting tool which can help you convert any popular video/audio formats. Apart from M4P and various video formats, it also can help you convert ebook, picture and other files. Now ZAMZAR is deigned with a concise interface and it is quite simple to use.

Part 4. What is M4P

M4P is one audio format used by Apple in iTunes. When you download audio from iTunes Store, the downloaded files are more likely in M4P format. M4P format is encoded using the MPEG-4 format and AAC DRM protection. For that reason, M4P is only available for iOS device system or Mac OS. The protected M4P files can’t be easily transferred. And because of the DRM, you are not allowed to directly play M4P on many players and devices.

After reading this post, you can handily convert iTunes M4P to MP3. Three kinds of ways are introduced to help you make the M4P audio conversion with ease. Whether you want to convert M4P to MP3 free online, or rely on professional audio converter, you can easily get what you need from this page. Contact us in the comment if you have any better solution.


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