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Code Blocks is an open source, free, C, C and Fortran IDE cross-platform that provides a ton of options. It is a no-cost CIDE created with for users who have high demands. Those behind this free software program designed it for extensive user customization and maximum flexibility. Code::Blocks for Mac, free and safe download. Code::Blocks latest version: Code::Blocks - A Free and Open Source C, C and Fortain IDE. The latest Code blocks v16.01 is not available for Mac OS because, as the team behind the IDE put it, they don’t have developers to make one. So head on to and download the version that is already available.

Update to Code::Blocks Command Locations

Codeblocks For Mac

  1. Visual Studio Code is free and available on your favorite platform - Linux, macOS, and Windows. Download Visual Studio Code to experience a redefined code editor, optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications.
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Newer releases of Code::Blocks may change some of the locations of key commands referenced in the book. This is more of an issue with Code::Blocks than my book, but if you send me any discrepancies I'll happily place them on the book's Errata page.

The Man Page viewer may not be found in some releases of Code::Blocks. That's okay; the version I wrote about in the book was rather unreliable when it came to displaying the man pages.

Getting a Mac Compiler

If you don't have Xcode, or Apple won't let you download Xcode because your OS X is too old, then you can obtain the clang compiler directly. Visit Download a clang release that matches your version of OS X, or the binaries for Mac OS X for an older version of clang.

In Code::Blocks you need to set clang as the compiler of choice. In Code::Blocks, choose Settings > Compiler. Choose LLVM Clang Compiler from the menu button.

Codeblocks download filehippo

Be aware that the Mac version of Code::Blocks has issues! If possible, I recommend using Xcode instead.

Code::Blocks Won't Compile or Loses the Source Code

If you're having trouble getting Code::Blocks to compile, you may have an issue with its installation. Specifically, Code::Blocks may be unable to find the proper directory for the compiler. Here are the steps to remedy the situation:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window (shortcut: Win+E)
  2. Navigate to the compiler's bin folder, such as C:Program Files (x86)CodeBlocksMinGWbin
  3. Right-click in the address bar and choose the command Copy Address.
  4. Start Code::Blocks
  5. Press Ctrl+Shift+N to start a new, empty file.
  6. Choose Settings > Compiler to display the Compiler Settings dialog box.
  7. Click the tab Toolchain Executables.
  8. Paste the copied address into the Compiler's Installation Directory text box.
  9. Click the OK button to set the location.

The video (below) visually describes how to address this issue.

The program doesn't run

If your program looks fine, compiles, but it doesn't run or appear in the output window, confirm that an output window isn't already open. This problem occurs because you've already ran a program, but failed to close the output window. Closing that open output window (the command prompt in Windows or a terminal window for Unix/Linux) fixes the problem.

What is the -s Option and Why is It Obsolete?

You may see a linker warning on some Code::Blocks installations. It reads:

warning: option -s is obsolete and being ignored

I've seen this message appear primarily on Macintosh installations. Because it's a warning, the code does compile. In fact, there's nothing wrong with the code or the program; the message is just a warning because an old option was set.

Here's the man page for the ld (linker) command regarding the -s option:

Code blocks mac os download torrent

I'm unaware of how to disable this warning, although I'm sure a switch that does the trick is hidden somewhere in Code::Blocks, where the linker options are set. When I find that location, I'll post a solution here.

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Please select a setup package depending on your platform:

NOTE: For older OS’es use older releases. There are releases for many OS version and platforms on the page.

NOTE: There are also more recent nightly builds available in the forums or (for Ubuntu users) in the Ubuntu PPA repository. Please note that we consider nightly builds to be stable, usually.

NOTE: We have a Changelog for 20.03, that gives you an overview over the enhancements and fixes we have put in the new release.

NOTE: The default builds are 64 bit (starting with release 20.03). We also provide 32bit builds for convenience.

Blocks Mac Compiler

Microsoft Windows

FileDownload from
codeblocks-20.03-setup.exeFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03-setup-nonadmin.exeFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03-nosetup.zipFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exeFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03mingw-nosetup.zipFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03-32bit-setup.exeFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03-32bit-setup-nonadmin.exeFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03-32bit-nosetup.zipFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03mingw-32bit-setup.exeFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03mingw-32bit-nosetup.zipFossHUB or

NOTE: The codeblocks-20.03-setup.exe file includes Code::Blocks with all plugins. The codeblocks-20.03-setup-nonadmin.exe file is provided for convenience to users that do not have administrator rights on their machine(s).

NOTE: The codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe file includes additionally the GCC/G++/GFortran compiler and GDB debugger from MinGW-W64 project (version 8.1.0, 32/64 bit, SEH).

NOTE: The codeblocks-20.03(mingw) files are provided for convenience to users that are allergic against installers. However, it will not allow to select plugins / features to install (it includes everything) and not create any menu shortcuts. For the “installation” you are on your own.

If unsure, please use codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe!

Linux 32 and 64-bit

DistroFileDownload from
codeblocks_20.03_amd64_oldstable.tar.xzFossHUB or
codeblocks_20.03_i386_oldstable.tar.xzFossHUB or
codeblocks_20.03_amd64_stable.tar.xzFossHUB or
codeblocks_20.03_i386_stable.tar.xzFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03-1.el6.rmps.tarFossHUB or
codeblocks-20.03-1.el7.rmps.tarFossHUB or
For Ubuntu, use this PPA

Note: The Linux packages above are compressed archives (tar, tar.xz or tar.bz2). When you decompress the package you downloaded on your system, you will find all the .rpm or .deb packages required to install Code::Blocks.

Note: On RedHat/CentOS older revisions of 6 (up to 6.2 as far as we know) you need to add repoforge (former rpmforge) to your repolist, to be able to install the needed wxGTK-package. See for an instruction.

Note: Redhat/CentOS probably also needs an installed hunspell-package, if you want to install the contrib-plugins.

Mac OS X

Download Codeblocks 10.05

FileDownload from
CodeBlocks-13.12-mac.zipFossHUB or


  • Code::Blocks 20.03 for Mac is currently not available due to issues caused by Apple hardening their install packages and lack of Mac developers. We could use an extra Mac developer to work on these issues.
  • The provided download contains an Application Bundle (for the i386 architecture) built for Mac OS X 10.6 (and later), bundling most Code::Blocks plugins.

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