Charvel Surfcaster For Sale

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Looking to sell your Surfcaster? If so, please post the following details on this page:

1. 6-string tremolo, 6-string “C” tail, 12-string, bass, or double-neck?
2. Body color
3. Charvel logo color (black or white)
4. If 6-string, describe pickup configuration (2 lipsticks, or bridge humbucker / neck lipstick)
5. Is a case included and, if so, is it the original hard-shell case (OHSC)?
6. 6-digit serial number on neck plate
7. Has your Surfcaster been modified in any way?
8. Describe any nicks, dings, pimples, warts, gouges, etc.
9. What is your asking price?
10. Where are you located and are you willing to ship outside of your country?
11. How do we contact you (email, telephone number, etc)?

Looking to buy a Surfcaster? If so, please post your preferences from the above list on this page. Don’t forget to let us know how to contact you (email, telephone number, etc).

Old charvel guitars

Charvel Surfcaster Guitar


Charvel Surfcaster For Sale Uk

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Charvel Surfcaster Bass For Sale

Up for sale, a 1980's Charvel by Jackson Model 3 electric guitar in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order, with a metallic Electric Blue gloss finish. Made at the Chu Shin factory in Japan and sold exclusively to the Japanese domestic market, the Model 3 is a well-crafted shred machine.

Charvel Surfcaster For Sale

Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 2 24 HH HT CM In Satin Black. Penzance, Cornwall. Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 2 24 HH HT CM In Satin Black. A Hard Tail Metal / Rock Machine Bought from Andertons for £800 selling for £600 with a Charvel Hard/Soft Case. A Beast of a Guitar with Coil Tap for versatility. Compound Radius Ne. Charvel 1992 Models Surfcaster charvel models Charvel Crr Charvel Model CKV Charvel Ckl.