Btooom Episode 13

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If you want to see the isekai version of Lost and are dying to see some real action, then BTOOOM! Is the anime for you. BTOOOM! Is a Japanese television anime series that released 12 of its episodes in 2012. The series was, at that time, one of the few isekai animes worth watching, which is further proven by its 7.1/10 rating from IMDb and Although the series never gained enough popularity for a second season, its manga ran for a long time and finally concluded in 2018, collecting into 26 volumes. Therefore, if you’re looking to know everything there is about BTOOOM! Then look no further!

Cover of the first Blu-ray volume released by FlyingDog in Japan on November 21, 2012. Is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Jun'ya Inoue. The story takes place after the release of a Massively multiplayer online game called Btooom! Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement made about the release of “Btooom Season 2.”. However, the creators of the anime now have enough content to complete the sequel. If you are a fan of the anime don’t forget to download the game as it would increase the chances of the anime to happen. August 19, 2017 11:36 pm.

WriterJunya Inoue
Original RunOctober 4, 2012 December 20, 2012

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Btooom Episode 13

The series revolves around Ryōta Sakamoto, a 22-year-old unemployed man living with his mother. Now, from the outside, our protagonist looks nothing more than an unemployed gaming freak. However, the truth is Ryōta Sakamoto is actually one of the top players in the world of the popular game BTOOOM!

However, all of this changed when one day, out of nowhere, Ryota wakes up to find himself stranded on an island with a bag full of supplies and bombs. Now it is up to Ryota to find a way to survive. However, to his horror, Ryota soon realises that he is currently playing the real-life version of BTOOOM! Who brought him here? How is Ryota inside this game? Make sure to watch BTOOOM! and find the answers to these questions yourself!

Btooom Manga Episode 13

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BTOOOM! Filler List


Where Can I Watch Btooom

In its short run, the makers of BTOOOM didn’t release any filler episodes, making this the ideal show for all the action, adventure junkies out there!

BTOOOM! Manga Canon Episodes


BTOOOM! Episode List

Btooom Episode 13
2The Bloody High School GirlMANGA CANON
4Best in the WorldMANGA CANON
6Night of SacrificeMANGA CANON
7Virtual BrideMANGA CANON
9The Strongest PlayerMANGA CANON

Where To Watch

You can watch all the latest episodes of BTOOOM! In English, sub/dub for absolutely free and in the highest quality on websites like Crunchyroll. Also, do make sure to check out the series’ trailer and find out for yourself what the show is all about.

To know more about the latest news and updates on your favorite animes or mangas or to find the filler lists of animes that you would like to watch, make sure to keep on following our post!

Btooom! is an action sci-fi anime series which based on a manga of the same name. Written and illustrated by Junya Inoue Btooom! was first published on July 3, 2009, and three years later, the first 50 chapters of the manga were adapted into an anime show, Season 1 of which premiered on October 4, 2012. In fact, the show was so popular that in February 2017, a battle royale game of the same name was launched in Japan, pre-dating other popular battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite. Yet, despite the game’s release, fans of the anime show and the manga are waiting to hear news about a second season, which is yet to be confirmed. Here’s everything we know about the prospects of Season 2.

Btooom Season 2 Release Date: Is it Happening?

Btooom season 1 premiered on October 4, 2012, and since then, there has been a lot of speculation about whether the show is going to make a comeback. Calls for a second season also reached a fever pitch in 2018, following the conclusion of the manga which offered its readers two endings. However, as it stands, Season 2 of Btooom! is yet to be confirmed.

That being said, it’s best not to lose hope yet since the manga has ensured that there’s enough source material for a second season. The only question is whether producers will be willing to pick it up, but we don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t. Our best guess is that Btooom season 2 release date could fall sometime in 2021 or 2022. We will update this section as soon as we hear more.

Btooom! English Dub:

You can watch the English subbed version of Btooom on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and HiDive.

List Of Btooom! Episodes - Wikipedia

Btooom! Plot:

The plot of the show revolves around an unemployed, 22-year-old youth called Ryōta Sakamoto. While Ryōta is unremarkable in real life and lives with his mother, he is one of the top players in an online battle royale game called Btooom!.

However, his peaceful existence is completely upended when he wakes up on a tropical island with no memory of how he got there. On closer inspection of himself, Ryōta finds that he has a green crystal embedded in his hand. Without a second’s delay, Ryōta then realizes to his horror that someone has created a real-life version of his favourite game. However, with hope still in his heart, he sets about exploring the island. When Ryōta meets a stranger, he calls out for help, but when the stranger responds by throwing a bomb at him, Ryōta realizes that his fears are real and that he has to fight to the death with others if he is to survive in his new, ruthless reality. Although initially opposed to violence, Ryōta finally comes to terms with the fact that this new reality of his has only one rule – kill or be killed. Armed with a set of unique bombs called BIMs, Ryōta then grudgingly sets out to kill his competition. Later, he teams up with Himiko, another Btooom! player who is his in-game wife, and the duo try to survive the trials of the island long enough to get off it and find the ones responsible for the horrific recreation of the game.

While this is the general plot of the anime show (and the manga), what makes it an extremely interesting watch is its plethora of subplots. Further, the show also explores themes such as friendship and love, and more mature themes such as the impact childhood trauma has on a person’s mind. These themes are dealt with using great skill and nuance, which makes the show a very psychological watch despite its seemingly straightforward and violent premise.

Further, what makes the show even more intriguing is its source material – Btooom!, the manga, had two endings, leaving it up to the reader to decide whether he/she wanted a dark ending or a more happier one. Understandably, fans of the anime and the manga have been demanding a second season of the anime show, hoping to see the two endings realized on television.

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Btooom! Characters:

Despite having dozens of characters, Btooom! has two main characters – Ryōta and Himiko. Further, there are a few more characters who are important to the show and its plot, and below, we’ve given you a brief background of each of them.



Watch btooom anime

Ryōta: The main protagonist of the show, 22-year-old Ryōta is one of the best Btooom! players in the world, and boasts a global rank of #10. Although Ryōta is the best Btooom! player in Japan, his skills and his knowledge of the game are put to the test when he wakes up in the real-life recreation of the game. Faced with real consequences which can lead to his death, Ryōta has to muster all his courage and gather his wits to survive in the ruthless real-life game of life and death. Later in the show, it is revealed that it was his mother who nominated him for the real-life game, fed up with his lack of ambition and direction in life, and his disrespectful attitude towards her and his step father.

Himiko: The main female protagonist of the show, Himiko is a troubled 15-year-old who lands up in the real-life recreation of the game. While in high school, Himiko befriended a popular boy called Yoshioka and his band, and took her friends from school, Miho, Arisa, and Yuki, to the apartment the band was using. When she returned a bit later, she found to her horror that her friends had been drugged and were being raped by the band members while Yoshioka filmed the entire thing. When Yoshioka saw Himiko, he also tried to drug and rape her, but Himiko managed to punch him and run away, despite calls for help from Miho. Scarred by this incident, it is shown that Himiko is extremely distrustful of men and always carries a stun gun with her in case men try to touch her without consent. Later in the show, it is revealed that it was Himiko’s own friends who nominated her for the real-life version of Btooom! because she exposed the entire rape incident and had Yoshioka and his band mates arrested.

Nobutaka Oda: While not a main character in the show, 22-year-old Nobutaka Oda is one of the most dangerous Btooom! players in the world and is mysteriously nominated to take part in the real-life recreation of the game.

Kiyoshi Taira: A slightly overweight middle-aged man, Kiyoshi Taira is another character who, while not being a main character, is still important to the plot of the show. Generally cheerful and optimistic despite the trying circumstances, Kiyoshi teams up with Ryōta and Himiko till he loses his sanity and betrays them. He eventually commits suicide in the show.

Kōsuke Kira: Another important supporting character in the show, Kōsuke Kira is a 14-year-old boy who gets nominated to play the real-life recreation of Btooom!. Despite his tender age, we come know Kōsuke as a sadistic boy who displays extreme cruelty towards both his opponents, and random animals on the island. A victim of domestic and sexual abuse at the hands of his abusive father, Kōsuke is one of the characters who exemplify what abuse during childhood can lead a person to become.

Btooom Ep 1 Eng Dub

Masahito Date: Another middle-aged man who gets chosen to play the real-life recreation of Btooom!, Masahito is a competent doctor who was involved in medical malpractice before. Although outwardly professional and friendly, Masahito is a cunning man who will go to any lengths to survive, even if it means engineering the downfall and death of his friends and colleagues.

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