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Bat-foe Bane has had an interesting history. Though many fans forgot this for a long time, as he was originally conceived he was extremely intelligent–so intelligent, in fact, that not only did he identify Bruce Wayne as Batman simply by watching Bruce Wayne at a party, but he concocted an incredibly intricate plan to wear down Batman’s strength and will before infamously delivering the coup de grace of a broken back.

Bane was meant as a “dark mirror” to Doc Savage, the 1930s pulp hero whose only “superpower” was that he had been raised to become a paragon of human development–strong, athletic, brilliant, and wise, with an iron will. Bane likewise had an iron will, but his intelligence was deviant, his wisdom corrupted by a lifetime of pain, and his strength augmented by the steroid-like drug Venom, fed to him via tubes implanted in his head.

Since the Knightfall storyline of the 1990s, subsequent writers have struggled to find a place for him in the DC Universe. The writers of Batman: The Animated Series reluctantly gave him an appearance on the show, though they felt Bane, like Superman’s murderer Doomsday, was gimmicky. Among the many crimes of the film Batman & Robin was cementing the impression of Bane as a big, dumb thug. However, his intelligence has usually been evident in the comics, and recently Gail Simone has won praise for her development of the character in Secret Six. And of course, Bane will be front and center in 2012 when he appears as the primary villain in The Dark Knight Rises, played by Tom Hardy.

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Like many other Bat-related characters, Bane received a redesign for his Arkham Asylum appearance. Though he still has his distinctive luchador’s mask and Venom equipment, his body is bulked up beyond even the most outlandish depiction in the comics (a result of one of the game’s plot twists, specifically that the Arkham Asylum doctors are developing a much more potent version of Venom). His intelligence was also downplayed, though it’s arguable he was largely under the influence of powerful drugs for most of the game. There’s been some hints that Bane and Batman may actually team up (however briefly) in Arkham City.

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Packaging: While the packaging is done in the same style as the other figures in DC Direct’s Arkham Asylum line, I have to comment on how huge it is. Check out the comparison with a standard package–Bane is gigantic. He also weighs a ton.

Design & Sculpt: Bane was sculpted by Phil Ramirez, who has done the work for many superhero action figures over the years. It’s an amazing sculpt and quite accurate, in terms of detail, to the game model. The insane expression on Bane’s face alone is priceless. And one detail I had missed in the game is the creepy cybernetic spine. The Venom backpack and tubes are packaged separately inside the blister; you have to attach the backpack and plug in the tubes to the figure.

My one problem with the sculpt isn’t Ramirez’s fault: it’s a bit too small. As massive as this figure is–and seriously, it feels heavy in your hands–it doesn’t seem to be accurate to the game scale. The fully-pumped-up Bane towers over Batman; he looks to be about eight or nine feet tall. The figure is the same height as the Batman figure, and that’s at the top of his Venom tank–his head is actually lower than Batman’s. The figure is 7 ½” tall at the top of the Venom tubes, which means the recent DCUC Bane is much taller, despite the fact that DCUC is a slightly smaller scale than this line (of course, one could argue the DCUC Bane is oversized).

This was obviously a production trade-off–a properly scaled Bane probably would have had to be a boxed figure and cost twice as much. Does the size factor ruin the figure? It depends on how concerned you are with game accuracy. He’s still huge and looks like he could bring the hurt to Batman. Personally it doesn’t bother me all that much, but your mileage may vary.

Plastic & Paint: Again, DCD seems to have put a lot of money and production value into this line (aside from the scale issue), and it shows in the paint work. While the details are mostly sharp and crisp, what makes the figure is all the great wash work. DCD can do some great paint apps when they try. Check out the redness and irritation around the shoulder implants–yecch.

There are two exceptions, however. One is the red belt buckle/button, whis is overly bright and a little sloppy looking. The other is the tubes. They’re green (because they’re flowing with Venom) and made from a strong but pliable material. It would have been nicer had they been made from translucent green plastic, to suggest the liquid flowing through them, rather than the solid green they went with. It seems like a cost-saving measure to me–that, or perhaps the translucent plastic wouldn’t have held up to the articulation.

Articulation: Bane is a bit more statue than figure, but he does have a ball and socket head, ball and hinge shoulders, ball and socket wrists, a swivel waist, swivel thighs, and ball and socket feet. Still, there aren’t a lot of posing options. A swivel joint at the elbows and the back of the gauntlets would have gone a long way toward adding to the posability.

And of course, I hate figures who don’t have any hip articulation. A t-crotch might have been possible, but again, I suspect its lack was a cost-saving measure.

Accessories: Other than a display stand that hurts more than it helps (he stands fine on his own, and the stand can only fit under one foot, so it makes him lopsided), he doesn’t have any accessories. C’mon, DCD, no Osito?

_BEST_ Mon Impression : Arkham Asylum

Quality Control: I didn’t run into any problems, but be careful posing his right hand. The two small green tubes feel like they could tear or pop out.

_best_ Mon Impression : Arkham Asylum Cheats

Fun Factor: Not a whole lot, due to his limited poseability and statue-like nature. That said, he is surprisingly fun to mess around with.

Overall: Despite my dislike of statue-like action figures, Bane’s excellent sculpt, ball jointed head and shoulders, and sheer massiveness–along with my general obsession with all things Arkham Asylum–won me over. But he is noticeably out of scale, which knocks him down a bit.

Had he come with a bit more articulation and his teddy bear, he’d be very close to five-star territory.

Where to Buy:

  • Entertainment Earth has the set of four wave 2 DCD Arkham Asylum figures in stock for $65
  • Amazon.com has Bane for $30, along with other (cheaper) DCD AA figures


_best_ Mon Impression : Arkham Asylum Mod

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy.You Have Been Warned.

  • A lot of the intercom messages qualify, mostly because it's the Joker running the intercom. Some of his best insults are to the thugs he's sent out to work for him...
    • 'I want everyone to know that I really appreciate all the hard work. You know, watching you guys is like a night in, watching my favorite movie. What was the name of that movie again? Oh, yes. Attack of the stupid bungling idiots who can't find an even bigger idiot running around dressed like a bat! Now get to it!'
    • 'He's taken one of you out! And not in a nice first date kind of way!'
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    • 'He may look like an idiotand talk like an idiot,but don't let that fool you! He really is an idiot.'
    • 'C'mon, guys, he's just one man! (Beat) One man dressed like a lunatic and armed to the teeth. (giggles maniacally) Go get him!'
    • 'Whoever kills the Batman wins the grand prize: a night out with Harley! I might even tell her...'eh, why bother? It'll be a nice surprise...'
    • '(sarcastically surprised) It's true! You really are the world's greatest detective. How did you do that, Bats? (normal tone) Oh, what the hell. Get down there, boys! See if he can 'detect' being punched in the face.'
    • 'What are you waiting for, April Fools Day? GET DOWN THERE NOW!'
    • 'Paging Dr. Bat! Paging Dr. Bat! Is there a Dr. Bat in the room?'
      • 'Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!'
    • '(sniffs) All I want is for Gotham to melt in a tidal wave of corrosive goo... IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!'
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    • This exchange between Ivy and Joker over the PA:
      Poison Ivy: You will pay, Batman. For hurting my babies.
      The Joker: Oh, God... Does she ever stop going on about those plants of hers?
      Poison Ivy: When I finish with Batman, I'll be coming after you, Joker!
      The Joker: Will you really? Well, that's gratitude, isn't it? Women! You give'em presents, experimental chemicals and nice costumes and they still turn on you.
    • '(dramatic voice) Greetings, Gotham. This is the voice of your new master! (normal voice) ...Oh, hang on, I skipped a bit.'
    • 'Joker here! Remember, I am watching all of you, wherever you are. Even you. Yes, you!'
    • His broadcast after he releases the straitjacket inmates:
      'Good evening, residents of Joker Asylum! Some of our... crazier guests have crashed the party early. And when I say crazy, I mean real psycho. Word of warning - if anyone sees a dribbling maniac barking at the moon or maybe just purring like a kitten, do your civic duty. Walk up to them, put your arm around them, show them that you care before you wring their necks. (laughs)'
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    • 'Hey, Bats, go easy on 'em, hmm? For me? ...Oh, hell, what do I care? DO YOUR WORST! (Laughs)
    • 'These are my best men, Bats! I won't stop until you're dead, or they are. (Laughs)
    • 'Hey, Bats, I know you can hear me. I want you to hurt these guys. They're nothing to me!'
    • 'Remember guys, he may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don't let that fool you, he really is an idiot.'
    • '[regarding Batman's efforts to find Dr. Young's formula] Come on, roll over and die for once. Be your best friend...'
    • And as the Joker and his foes carry Batman away in the Scarecrow's final Mind Screw segment, you can hear Scarface's voice faintly on the radio before ending with:
      'You can find out more at www.ithinkimgoingcrazyanddressedlikeabat.com/idiot.'
      • And someone is domain squatting on it.
    • Joker's little announcement regarding the Batmobile:
      Joker: Harley tells me that the Batman's car is still parked right outside Intensive Treatment. We can't have him up and leave us. Every thug, villain, murderer and kindergarten teacher that isn't carrying out party orders should head there now and smash it to pieces!
  • The Riddler's growing frustration if the player is incapable of (or pretending to be incapable of) solving the first riddle.
    Riddler: Don’t CUT yourself on this SHARPLY observed portrait.
    Riddler: I said, don’t CUT yourself on this SHARPLY observed portrait.
    Riddler: You know, PORTRAIT? Painting? Picture on the wall? In a frame?!
    Riddler: Warden Sharp? That old guy who runs the place? In a painting? On the wall?!
  • Setting the tone for the game is the introduction when Batman is accompanying Joker back to the asylum. He's cleared by the security scanners, then suddenly multiple alarms start sounding and warning lights flash ... because Batman has stepped in range of the scanner. The poor technician sounds so awkward when he tries to talk about it when Sharpe and Cash demand to have Joker searched again.
  • Some great lines from the opening sequence, with a dash of Ho Yay:
    • 'Ya know what, I always preferred the good old cavity search. It's much more personal.'
    • 'Need to take my temperature? I'd be happy to drop my pants...'
    • Considering the standard process for writing The Joker was to record first back in the day, because Mark would act out all the scenes in the booth, it's entirely possible that this was a Throw It In!.
  • All of the Joker's taunts when you fail are hilarious, showcasing just how good Mark Hamill has gotten with this character.
    • 'I salute my fallen enemy!' (blows a raspberry) (falls over laughing)
  • The moment after the Joker injects himself with the Titan formula, causing him to transform into a hulking beast. Based on previous encounters with Titan-fueled enemies, you're probably expecting Joker's amusing taunts to be replaced with brutish grunts, but instead, after a long menacing stare, he begins taunting you in his normal voice.
    • Pretty scary, too, when you realize that anyone else who gets a shot of Titan in their system turns into a murderous, animalistic savage - which means that the Joker is like this all the time.
  • Obviously not intended, but in the last part of Croc's lair:
    • Guess what the game prompts you to do.
  • Also, there are various points where Joker is talking to his henchmen on the intercom. If you take them down while he's talking, he'll realize they didn't answer, get annoyed, and say something along the lines of, '...Goddammit, that's you down there, isn't it, Batman?'
    'I wonder who got to you first, the Croc or the Bat? CROC OL' BOY! You there? No? (annoyed) Pity...'
    • There's also this when you're in the Sewer treatment plant beating up goons.
      The Joker: You want me to send Harley down- Oh, damn, she's locked up! Do you want me to come down there?
  • When you rescue a guard and an orderly from the 1st thug in a suicide collar, you get the 'Look behind you/I'm not falling for that.' bit when you get close enough. The best part is that said thug won't notice you unless you touch him; he's unaware of you otherwise. Feel free to spray some explosive gel and blast the punk into the air.
  • Batman gets another one after he defeats Harley and locks her in a cell. After she reveals Joker's next step by accident, he just says 'Yup, I know'. Right after, he lets out a brief chuckle when telling Oracle that Quinn has been 'subdued'.
  • This is probably a glitch, but a good one, instead of Batman landing on a henchman and punching him in the face, he might land on his face and punch him in the nuts. Hilarious! It sometimes happens during combat when you do a second takedown right after a first one.
    • It's even better if the thug is face-down when you do it, causing Batman to punch him in the right butt cheek so hard, he passes out.
  • Another possibly unintentional and unscripted but outright hilarious one; every so often during melee battles, the thugs will charge at you screaming and bellowing. If you've hit them enough times and manage to get them then, you can knock them straight out, completely ruining their furious charge.
    • Becomes even more hilarious in hindsight thanks to Arkham Knight, where one of the mooks' lines of background dialogue is 'Remember: if you see Batman, scream and charge. Never fails.'
  • Likewise, whenever a Titan-infused henchman plows through Joker's other Mooks or even throws the unconscious ones at you.
    • Also, when you get them to run into a wall and have hit them enough times, you can jump on their backs and control them for a minute, smacking up any goons that get in the way, and even other Titan monsters. Sing it with me: Git along, little Titan...
    • When fighting two of them, having one throw an unconscious thug at you, but instead hitting the other one in the back of the head with it.
  • The Riddler accusing you of using the internet after you answer/find most of his riddles/riddler trophies, especially if you actually were.
    Riddler: What? You're nearly done? Are you cheating? Looking them up on the internet...! Tell me...
  • The Riddler growing more and more aggravated as Batman gets closer to solving his riddles likely brought a sly smile to many a player's face. Even funnier when Batman solves his final riddle right as the Gotham PD burst into his room.
    • With the 237th solved riddle, the Riddler calls Batman yet again to accuse him of cheating. On the screen, you see Batman's radio isolate the Riddler's signal after so many calls, find his location, and upload it to the Gotham PD, while he continues to rant. Which only makes his arrest after the 240th riddle all the sweeter.
  • This quote, upon finding another Riddler trophy:
    Riddler: (snarkily) So what was it that gave it away? The biggreen, glowingquestion mark?
  • At a certain point, once you've found enough trophies, you'll get this line of dialogue by an exasperated Riddler when finding another one:
    Riddler: That one was hidden so well it was almost invisible!
    • What makes this funny is that the line will happen no matter what trophy you're getting, so you could very well be taking one that's impossible-to-miss right in the open and amuse yourself at Riddler's idea of 'hidden so well'.
  • The party the goons throw for you near the end of the game. The sight of all these cold-hard criminals giving you a standing ovation and cheering you on as you walk callously past them is so incongruous as to be hysterically funny. Even funnier, you can beat them up for some XP.
    • Even better, you can start the fight by casually walking around, spraying explosive gel at their feet. They just stand there clapping, clearly having no idea what's coming. Blowing half the room off its feet in one fell swoop is immensely satisfying.
    • Or use the line launcher. Where else do you get the opportunity to kick 20 people in the face in one go?
  • When Batman saves guards from Joker's laughing gas for the first time, there's a lone goon about to fall into his doom. Batman saves him, too, then immediately pummels his head to the ground.
    • The way he looks up before the boom drops, it's almost like:
      Thug: Whoo... Thanks, Bats. Y'know, you're not so bad after- *WHAM*
  • At one stage, you're unable to reach Harley because of a force field. She taunts you, saying that you'll never be able to find Gordon no matter how hard you...
    • And then she throws her coffee mug at him, yelling to shut up.
      Gordon: Ouch! You crazy bitch!
  • When you're playing as the Joker, you can sneak up behind a guard and punt him in the nuts from behind. And then there are the Joker's takedown special moves in the combat maps.... he uses his handbuzzer as one of them, and in another special takedown, two fingers to someone's eyes.
  • The Joker's infamous line: 'Tell me, Bats, what are you really scared of? Failing to save this cesspool of a city? Not finding the Commissioner in time? Me? In athong?' That's bound to haunt both Batman and likely the player's minds for some time.
    • Batman: 'Harley tried to slow me down. Dropped an elevator on me.' Oracle: 'Did it work?' Batman: 'Of course not.'
    • Also, in the beginning, you go by a TV screen with Warden on it. Joker's response is priceless, especially in the voice he says it in: 'Oh look, it's my favorite show. 'I'm Warden Idiot! You'll never escape!' -laughs-' And after Croc says he'll rip Batman apart, and eat his bones, Joker quips 'That reminds me, I really need to get me some new shoes!'
  • As you're pursuing Harley after she's captured the warden, you can hear this message
    Sharp: Get your hands off me you crazy bitch!.
    Harley: Ah ah ah, Sharpy said a bad word, mama spank!
    (Sharp yells in pain)
  • The things that Harley forces Warden Sharp to say when she has him hostage:
    'As of ten minutes ago, I have made it illegal to walk on the floor in any part of the asylum. Anyone caught doing so will - this is stupid, I - ARGH! - will have their legs chopped off and perform magic tricks for Emperor Joker!'
  • Warden Scarface during the Scarecrow's final mind stage.
    When I first heard the Joker planned to take over this nuthouse, like many of us, I thought he was crazy. When he outlined his dictation of a hospital dedicated to ensuring inmates remain loony for as long as possible, I thought he was wacky! Then when he held me down, and razor-cut a new smile onto my face, I decided he had a point. Situated in a small island in Gotham Bay, we stop at nothing to ensure no screwballs fly the coop. Recent successes with Bruce Wayne, a classic case of split personality if I ever saw one, has cemented our reputation as a pioneering slaughterhouse. Our head of research, Dr. Crane, has made no real progress, but seems to enjoy his work, so what the heck? Our new patients' ward is manned by Waylon Jones: I'm assured that he's enjoyed almost every patient sent to him, and boasts empty beds in all his wards.
  • Batman, when his level of Crazy-Prepared is revealed with a goddamn Batcave in Arkham.
    Batman: (perfectly smug and with a hint of levity he never shows anywhere else in the game) It's me, remember?
    • Especially funny, as that line isn't that far off from him saying 'BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!'
  • Joker's question of just where the hell Batman is after escaping Scarecrow's second nightmare hallucination sequence also counts.
    Joker: Has anyone seen the Bat? Come on! Someone must have seen where he went. Big, scary man? Wears a cape? Jumps out of the shadows and beats up useless thugs? Anyone?! No...? Hoh Good!
  • Ah, the sounds of Riddler's Villainous Breakdown. Him demanding that Batman tell him how he solved every riddle on the island while Batman remains entirely silent as the police drag him away makes a distinct difference in the coolly arrogant voice over the intercom at the start.
  • When you're driving into Arkham, there's a sign saying 'Hitchhikers May Be Escaped Patients.' Apparently, Quincy hasn't polished up the place for the mayoral office to let him take it down.
  • Batman has just taken a Titan dart for Gordon, but is resisting the change, so Joker decides it's time to break out... a feather.
  • The Joker has a Pretty Fly for a White Guy moment when addressing Aaron Cash.
    • Cash has a response to when Joker says that he's laughing from his face (?):
      'Well, you'll be laughing outta your butt when I get out!'
  • When Batman first enters the Green Mile:
    Poison Ivy: Batman! You've got to save my babies! They're dying!
    Batman: (Deadpan) I'm really not interested in a bunch of flowers, Ivy.
    • Then, before Harley breaks Ivy out:
      Poison Ivy: Harley! You've got to help me!
      Harley Quinn: Ivy? Wow, you look like crap! Maybe I can sneak you some shampoo...
  • Batman is casually, in his own way, walking to where the Joker is in the second to last stage. Then thugs began to attack. Cue many an Offhand Backhand. The best part is Batman isn't paying attention to them and still looking at Joker.
  • 'Get him on the ground and stomp on his face!'Gonna stick this so far up your ass you'll bechokin'on it!' Especially funny when they're silenced by a particularly brutal combat move, or a Titan sending them flying.
  • Some of the behavior of the enemies in the Invisible Predator sections as they get more and more freaked out at their comrades being picked off one by one. For example, in a battle in the sewer water plant, one guy gets freaked out by a loud noise and shoots a burst of rifle fire at a generator.
  • Sometimes, thugs are talking to the Joker on a video screen, and it's possible to walk up behind them and just stand there for the duration of the conversation. Batman just looks like he's planning to tap the guy on the shoulder just to see his reaction.
    • And of course, the Joker doesn't say a word. What in any other game this would stick out as an example of lazy programming, here you fully accept that this is the sort of thing the Joker would do (thanks to his many many lines where he expresses his amusement of watching his own men get taken down by Batman).
  • 'You wasted the antidote on yourself?! (Laughs) Now that's funny!'
  • That mook outside the 'party' holding the 'Monster Sale' sign. It's the fact that he's completely deadpan while dressed up like a clown that really sells it.
    • Also, the bouncer mook with the party list who takes a moment to figure out if Batman is on it. 'Let's see, uh, 'A', no that's not right... 'B'... 'Bane'... Ah, here it is, 'Batman'.'
      • 'Batman' is in fact written in big red letters if you look at it right.
  • At one point, Oracle informs Batman that the police found one of the bombs that the Joker hid around Gotham. It was full of marzipan and kittens.
  • Joker's taunts in challenge mode demanding due sportmanship, so graciously voiced: 'If you weren't hiding in the shadows, like a little girl, this would be over so much faster.'
  • After Poison Ivy tells Batman to go to Killer Croc's lair, you have to go back the way you came. A bunch of Joker's men have gathered on the far side of the ravine you had to cross, taunting you about how they'll take you down. You, however, have just received the Line Launcher, which is how you crossed in the first place. It's quite satisfying to fire it, shoot your way across, and hear the mooks yell 'What the hell is that?!?' before you plow through them.
    • It's also quite amusing to pull them into said ravine with the Batclaw.
  • 'You know, Bats, I think we should ditch these costumes and run away together … IN YOUR DREAMS!'
  • When you're following the Warden's blood trail, you come across a bunch of mooks and get this little gem:
    Mook 1: 'Hey, what's Harley doing with the old man?'
    Mook 2: 'Maybe she likes older guys. Shut up and get to it!'
    • Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that the Joker is likely a decade or so older than her.
  • Also, Cash's interview with Croc in one of his interview tapes is priceless while also doubling as an Awesome Moment for Cash:
    Croc: You think I'm scared of you, Cash? I've got your scent, you're... [screams as Cash shocks him]
    Cash: And I've got yours, too. Know what? It stinks! Carry on, doc.
  • One of Harley's tapes has this gem:
    Dr. Quinzel: Who? Batman?
  • This gem from Cash after Batman has defeated Ivy and Joker has invited him to his 'party':
    Cash: So, Joker's havin' himself a firework party. Do me a favor. When you find him, stick a rocket up his ass and light it.
  • Another funny, possibly unintentional one: During the Poison Ivy boss fight, she always sends out her brainwashed mooks and does her vine attack at the same time. Sometimes she sends a mook after you, only for her vines to knock him into a bottomless pit the moment he reaches the ground.
  • Joker announces that there's a new rule for his mooks, and the punishment for not following it is death. Also, said rule is a secret. The morbidly hilarious fact comes when you realize he may be absolutely serious about this whole thing.
  • In the Visitor's Center, there's a piece of paper on the wall that you can only read if you're playing the PC version with graphics set to maximum quality, and even then, not very well:
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I'm writing to inform you that your relative is loopy and will be confined to an inhumane floating cage in some crazy dungeon.
    You have no legal recourse in this decision and may be liable for all costs incurred for the treatment of your psychotic family member.
    Best regards from all of us at Arkham Asylum rehabilitation services.
    Have a nice day,
    The Joker and Pals.
    Prof. J Southgate
  • The third Scarecrow sequence:
    • The game trolls you so convincingly that many players are fooled at first . 'Did anyone catch the game last night?' (Screen gets corrupted)
    • 'Batman may be escaping patients'
    • Use the middle stick to avoid being shot by Joker. (In the PC version, tilt the mouse.)
  • If you purchased the Collectors Edition of the game, it comes with a copy of Dr. Young’s Journal, which includes psychological profiles that she has compiled for many of the super villains in the asylum.... As well as her analysis on Batman, in which she literally got every single detail about him wrong (highlights include her hypothesis that Batman had a 'a childhood free from trauma', and that he engages in substance abuse). Not helped by the fact that she actually thought that the inmates of the asylum will be an unbiased source of information on learning about Batman.
  • In one sequence where you have to disarm a gift-wrapped Joker venom bomb, if you start running out of time, Joker starts a countdown over the intercom.
    Joker: Ten...nine...eight...seven...six...five...four...three...two...one...! BOOOOOM! Ahahahahah! Only joking. (the bomb turns out to be fake)
    • He does this again with an exploding TV filming his face.
      Joker: Ten...nine...eight...sevensixfivefour...three...two...one! (the TV spontaneously explodes)
  • There is actually a plaque with the 'You don't have to be mad to work here' joke in the Intensive Treatment Center. Bonus points for it being found under a Harley Quinn tape.
  • One of the messages on the loading screen is 'Moving the Blackgate prisoners here was a bad idea.'
  • If you visit the Visitor's Center after locking up Harley, Joker will go on a brief spiel about 'employee relations', with this gem at the end.
    Joker: Do you punish your hired help when they fail you? Or is that saucy outfit you make 'em wear punishment enough?
  • There's something darkly hilarious about how the Joker 'statue' changes poses in the Visitor Center, if you happen to take another look at it before leaving.
  • In the final cutscene that wraps up the main story it's stated that people injected with the TITAN serum eventually came back to normal. Meaning that people who were chemically altered to have their spines push through and out of their backs, enlargen their muscles and bones, and deprives them of higher cognitive functions end up being completely fine.

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