Best Blogging Software For Mac 2016

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Best Blogging Software For Mac 2016

Feb 11, 2016 Mail Pilot works seamlessly on more than just your Mac desktop– it’s also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Pricing for Mail Pilot is $19.99 for the email desktop client and $9.99 for mobile versions. Unibox ( get it) Unibox is a radically different take on email. Instead of grouping by message, your emails are grouped by a. MarsEdit is the perfect native application for managing your WordPress blog. Currently, it’s the #1 Desktop WordPress editor for Mac. Once you log into your account through the platform, you’re greeted with a simple list of your most recent blog posts. From here, you can create new blog posts, edit existing ones, and much more. Quicken Home & Business Personal Finance-Track personal and business transactions all in one place– 1Year Subscription (Windows) by Quicken. 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Micosoft Office 365

Use the full Office suite on up to five devices like your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Homeworld - Remastered Collection

Best Blogging Software For Mac 2016 Download

All game of the famous space RTS in one Bundle!


Professional virus protection for your Mac.


Backup and copy DVDs (DVD Ripper) on Mac OS X

Free Mind

Create mind maps on Mac OS X


Minimal graphics and image editing software for Mac OS X

Internet and Communication

All applications out of the category Internet and Communication

Tools for Developers

All applications out of the category Tools for Developers

Office und Organisation

All applications out of the category Office und Organisation

Filesystem and Network

All applications out of the category Filesystem and Network

Best Blogging Software For Mac 2016 Free


All applications out of the category Systemextensions

iPod, iPhone and iTunes

All applications out of the category iPod, iPhone and iTunes

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How to Backup Outlook 2016 for Mac Data

Backing up data can be necessary thing to do in some cases, but it’s also a good habit to regularly backup your data to a safe location. Outlook 2016 for Mac is a great email client, but just like everything else in the computer world, nothing is immune from data loss, corruption, or other unfortunate events.

Backing up data from email client to local files not only keep your data safe, but can also free up space from mail servers.

Another important reason to backup Outlook 2016 for Mac data to OLM files is email migration. If you ever want to switch your client from Outlook to other clients such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird, you might need OLM files (archived proprietary data file format used by Outlook) to move your database.

So, if you haven’t backed up your emails, contacts, calendar entries, and other items from Outlook 2016 Mac to a safe location, do it now. The tutorial below will take you through each step.

You can do it either manually or use Mac Timemachine feature to set up automatic backups on regular basis.

Manual Backup of Outlook 2016 for Mac Data

Outlook 2016 for Mac (and other previous editions) use .OLM as the data file to store contents. You have to use the same file for backup and safekeeping.

Here are the simple steps:

  • 1. On the tools tab, choose ‘Export’
  • 2. Choose the items you want to backup. For the purpose of this article, choose everything since you want to backup the entire OUtlook 2016 database.
  • 3. Choose the location to save the OLM files and click ‘Save’
  • 4. Once the data is exported to .OLM files, click ‘Finish.

Keep this OLM file somewhere safe for future purposes, such as, if your Mac Outlook gets corrupt and damages the native profile folders. You can also use this file to share emails and contacts with other Mac Outlook users. And also, through third-party email migration tools, you can convert this file to other formats for Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or other clients.

Blogging Software For Mac

Use TimeMachine to Automatically Backup Outlook 2016 for Mac Data

Best Blogging Software For Mac 2016 Free

TimeMachine is an Apple OS program that allows you to backup data, preferences, and other items. It’s best use is to set up a backup schedule to automatically make copies of the files on a regular basis. In the tutorial below, we’ll learn how to use it to set up a regular backup schedule for Outlook 2016 data.

Best Blogging Software For Mac 2016
  • 1. On the Apple Menu, click ‘System Preferences’ –> Time Machine
  • 2. Switch the TimeMachine “ON” and click “Select Backup Disk”
  • 3. You can also click “Options” to choose what items you want to backup. If you want only to backup Outlook data, un-check all other programs and items other than Outlook.
  • 4. Select the location to save the backup files and click “Use Disk”

Business Plan Software For Mac

NOTE* – TimeMachine requires an external hard drive (USB, FireWire, or Mac OS server), and it is usually a backup machine for your entire Mac (not limited to just Outlook). Also note that when you restore the backup files from TimeMachine, it may take a long time for Outlook to restore data completely.

As said earlier, you can use these files for various reasons. One of the most common ones is to keep them in a secure location for safekeeping. You can share them with other Mac users if you want to share the data such as emails and contacts.

If you are moving to another client or want to share the OLM file with a user that doesn’t have Mac Outlook, you need to convert it to the appropriate format (like EML for Outlook Express, MBOX for Apple Mail, and so on). Use “OLM Extractor Pro” as a third-party tool to convert your backed up OLM file to all major Mac email clients’ format.