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For users who find the Apple mobile device USB driver is not showing up in Device Manager, it means your Apple device is not recognized on Windows 10 or the driver for Apple is missing for unknown reasons.

In this sense, you would better manage to download apple mobile device USB driver for Windows 10 to see if the Apple device can be connected to your computer. Your iPhone can’t just be recognized as a camera or in recovery mode on Windows 10.

Step 1: On your Windows PC, open Control Panel via the Start menu. Step 2: Navigate to Programs Programs and Features. Step 3: Now find Apple Mobile Device Support, right-click on it and uninstall it by following the on-screen instructions. Step 4: Restart your computer to make sure that the component is completely uninstalled. Apple iTunes 12.11.4 improves security, download it for Windows. New iTunes improves security and adds support for new devices. Apple is being sued for suggesting customers can 'Buy' TV shows. Get the latest official Apple Mobile Device USB Driver universal serial bus controller drivers for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP PCs. Update drivers with the largest database available.

In order to make your apple device work normally, for instance, import photos, videos or documents to PC, you need to download iPhone drivers for Windows 10.

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How to Download Apple Mobile Device USB Driver for Windows 10?

If you hope to install the Apple USB driver on your computer, there are several ways open to you.

While at the beginning, if you come into the Apple mobile device USB driver is missing from Windows 10, you may as well choose to uninstall the erroneous iPhone driver and then download a new one for your PC.

Way 1: Uninstall and Reinstall Apple Drivers in Device Manager

In the first place, if you wish to fix apple mobile device driver is not in Device Manager on Windows 10, just attempt to get rid of the Apple driver and then install the latest Apple USB driver in Device Manager.

It is said that Device Manager is capable of getting you updated device drivers in some cases, so for the purpose of solving apple mobile device USB driver missing from Windows 10, you can try to download the driver for your iPhone.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, under Universal Serial Bus controller, right click the Apple Mobile Device USB driver to Uninstall.

3. Then tick the box of Delete the driver software for this device and then hit OK to move on.

4. Then go back to Device Manager and then under Action, click Scan for hardware changes.

5. After scanning for hardware changes, you can see the Apple Mobile Device USB driver is installed automatically for Windows 10.

Now it is likely that the updated Apple driver is downloaded from Device Manager and there is no more unavailable iPhone driver on Windows 10.

Way 2: Download iPhone Driver Manually

On the occasion where the Device Manager failed to find the apple driver for Windows 10, perhaps you have to download the driver for apple by yourself.

Out of safety, you would better decide to get the apple mobile device USB driver on the apple official site rather than the third-party website.

Just navigate to the Apple official site and then select the driver of your iPhone.

And then download, install it on Windows 10.

With this up-to-date apple mobile device USB driver in Device Manager, your apple would be detected and connected with your computer.

Or for some people who have no time or energy to download the driver by yourself, you can also choose to download apple mobile USB driver automatically by a driver downloading tool.

Tips: How to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Recognized on Windows 10?

Normally, once the new Apple mobile device USB driver is downloaded on Windows 10 when you manage to connect the iPhone or iPad to Windows 10, it will be recognized automatically.

If not, maybe you can try to unplug and then plug in the phone again to see if it works.

In a word, no matter you are to download apple mobile device USB driver just to update the driver for Windows 10 or to resolve apple driver is not showing up in Device Manager on Windows 10, these threes methods are always available for you.

More Articles:

>Apple Mobile Device USB driver is necessary for connecting iPhone to PC. Without it, iPhone won’t be recognized.

>Apple Mobile Device USB driver is usually be automatically installed when you install iTunes to computer.

>It is located in C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile DevicesSupportDrivers.

>Outdated driver cannot connect the new iOS devices so you need to update or reinstall it.

In iTunes, you could purchase and download your favorite content to computer. When iPhone or iPad is connected to iTunes, you could send the media files like songs and movies to the mobile device. What’s more, iTunes could also backup, restore, update, and repair iPhone

However, everything about managing your iOS device could not be done if it could not be read or written by iTunes. Connection is the first step but without the driver, you cannot even make the first move.

If you open Device Manager on compute but find Apple Mobile Device USB driver missing, you could find the ways to fix the issue in the following sections.

How to repair or reinstall Apple Mobile Device USB driver?


Your drivers might still on your computer, you just need to fix the issue to let it show up again. If it really disappears from your computer, you could also easily reinstall the driver to your computer. If you never connect iPhone to this computer before and cannot unlock iPhone screen to trust this computer, you need to connect iPhone in another way. This method is usually used when iPhone is disabled and user needs to erase iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts.

Why you can’t see Apple Mobile Device USB driver?
◆ Drivers cannot be displayed in Device Manager because of system issues on Windows.
◆ Your iPhone has not been connected because of failed physical connection.

Solution 1. Restart Computer: If you are not an expert, restarting computer would be a good try to fix 90% of system issues.

Solution 2. Check USB Connection: There would be 3 things you need to check. First, the USB cable should be in good condition. You should use the MFi-Certificated USB cable to transfer data between iPhone and computer. Second, check whether the USB port is loose or broken. Last, stop using USB hub to connect iPhone because the power supply might be not stable.

Solution 3. Reinstall iTunes: If the driver is not installed, the simplest way to fix the issue is reinstalling this software to reinstall the driver at the same time but if you have your own iTunes library on this PC, you could backup iTunes library before uninstalling it.

Solution 4. Restart AMDS: The related service might be started, follow the steps to restart Apple Mobile Device Service:

1. Make sure iTunes is closed and iPhone is disconnected.

2. Press Windows Key and R and then enter services.msc. Press Enter then.

3. Set the Startup type to Aotumatic and then click Stop.

4. Waiting for stopping AMDS.

5. Click Start to restart AMDS.

6. Restart computer and then try connecting iPhone to computer again.

Solution 4. Update Driver: You driver might be out of date. Make sure computer is connected to the Internet and then update your driver:

1. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

2. Right click the Windows Start Button and then select Device Manager.

3. Expand Portable Devices section. Click Update Driver. If you found your device like iPad in device manager not showing, you should return to solution 2.

4. Select Search automatically for updated driver software in the pop-up.

5. See whether the device icon of iPhone has appeared in iTunes.

Bonus Tip: How to easily manage iPhone data in another way?

Apple device support download windows 10 pro

iTunes could backup, restore iPhone and transfer data between iPhone and computer, but it is not best software to do these things.

Your iTunes backup could be viewed so you don’t know what iTunes backup includes and restoring iPhone from full iPhone backup would totally rewrite iPhone that means you need to save iPhone again and waste extra storage.

The feature of transfer is less unreasonable but you could only transfer data from computer to iPhone and photos synced from iTunes will be removed later if you turn on iCloud photos.

Install Apple Mobile Device Support Windows 10

All in all, iTunes would bring trouble later after you use it to manage iPhone data.

The best iPhone data manage tool is AOMEI MBackupper. In this software, you could select every item you want to make an iPhone backup, restore iPhone from backup, or transfer data between iPhone and computer. If you have problems connecting iPhone to PC, AOMEI MBackupper would help you automatically fix it.

How to backup selected data from iPhone to PC?

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper to computer for free and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Select Custom Backup on the home screen.

Step 3. Click the icons of apps and then you could view the specific items.

Step 4. Select the items and click OK.

Step 5. Click Start Backup to save iPhone data.


iTunes could help you manage iPhone data but Apple Mobile Device USB driver missing could let did nothing but it could be fixed by the 4 solutions in this guide.

iTunes is not perfect. You could try a better software AOMEI MBackupper to manage iPhone data.

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