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X-Plane is the world's most advanced flight simulator. Download the X-Plane 11 demo today, for free. Available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Flight simulator games free download - YS Flight Simulator, Tactical Air Combat Simulator (TACS), X-Plane, and many more programs. Official Version - X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator (PC, MAC & LINUX) ESRB Rating: Everyone by X-Plane. 4.3 out of 5 stars 470. 00 $69.95 $69.95. Get it as soon as Wed, Sep 16. GeoFS is a free flight simulator using global satellite images and running in your web browser or as a mobile app. Realistic and multiplayer, GeoFS provides real-life commercial traffic (ADS-B) and local weather conditions wherever you fly in the world.

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Download FlightGear 2020.3 – the latest stable, supported release – for free.

  • Download FlightGear 2020.3 for Windows (versions 7, 8, 10)
  • Download FlightGear 2020.3 for macOS
  • AppImage binary release for Linux x86 systems
  • Download the sources other platforms on the download for other platforms page.

Download Aircraft

The easiest way to install aircraft is via the launcher – this will ensure aircraft are installed to the correct location, and get be updated easily when new versions are released by aircraft developers.

If you prefer to download aircraft manually, you can download additional aircraft here.

Rc Flight Simulator Free Download Mac

Download Scenery

Microsoft Flight Simulator Free Download Mac

FlightGear has a seamless, continuous oblate ellipsoid world available for you to explore. Our terrain is based on 90m SRTM data and is very detailed. There are over 20,000 airports you can visit world wide. You can download 10×10 degree chunks of the world, run a utility called terrasync to fetch scenery as you fly (just in time), or purchase the entire world on a 3 DVD set.

  • Download the latest World Scenery data updates.

Download Source Code

Here’s the best part. Every line of source code for this project is available under the GPL license. Cockpit builders, researchers, do-it-yourselfers, industry groups, and students will all find FlightGear very open, very flexible, very adaptable, and very interfacable.

Purchase FlightGear DVDs and Gear


Those who prefer the complete FlightGear set on physical media can purchase a ready to run version of FlightGear (OSX or Windows) as well as the entire world scenery set. A portion of the sales goes towards supporting the project and a portion is donated to charity.


Airplane Simulator Free Download Mac 10 4

  • Visit the FlightGear store.